Amulet of the Five Benefits

Amulet of the Five Benefits

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Today I would like to continue the topic of amulets and tell you about the amulet of the Five Benefits, what it is, how to treat it, and how to use it?

In the thousand-year-old Chinese culture, the symbol of the Five Benefits is considered the most gracious sign. It was given to close people with the wishes of a happy and long life, prosperity and mutual understanding. Such a talisman was kept either in the house, or carried with. The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire believe in magical power of the image of this amulet, which from ancient times was applied to jewelry and things, embroidered on clothes, cut out or minted on military shields. In accordance with the Chinese doctrine, the talisman embroidered with gold on red satin or silk may strengthen its properties five times.

In China the symbol of the Five Benefits is considered the most revered. It encompasses the desire of man to find balance, which in turn is the basis of happiness and joy. The sign of the Five Benefits is a combination of essential principles of well-being and life:

- happiness

- health

- peace

- virtue

- longevity

In the center of the amulet there is an image of a symbol of prosperity, or rather a sign called the Eternal Universe. Five bats are depicted around him, as the embodiment of the above principles.

The basis of the amulet around which there are moving bats is the hieroglyph “show”, which in China is defined as positive, lightheartedness, the joy of being, and a happy life. It’s necessary to pay special attention to the image of the bat itself. In China, they believe that the bat is the embodiment of the soul, which in life has reached a balance of five concepts of correct and fulfilling life, which are in fact those Five Benefits: Happiness, Health, Peace, Virtue, and Longevity.


How to charge an amulet?

It’s very important to charge an amulet with your own energy. An interaction of your aura and the aura of the amulet, which carries the symbol, will allow the positive energy to be focused on you, and bring the Five Benefits into your life. An amulet may be made of wood or iron, or painted. An amulet created by your own hands work better. But if you can’t make it, just order an amulet from the master. Make sure that it was made correctly. When you get a talisman the first thing you shall do is wash it under running water to get rid of someone else's energy. Some sources suggest that you rinse it in the holy water, but in fact you shouldn’t do this in any case. The fact is that the Chinese and Slavic cultures were initially different, their energy was also different, the magic was not similar, and they shouldn’t be mixed, since it may lead to a confrontation between two different energies in their essence and structure. Such a confrontation will not only repel positive energy, but will bring irreparable harm to the owner of an amulet. It’s caused by wrong interaction of forces. Any confrontation is always a fight, and any fight is based on the aggression.

An aggression will charge the Five Benefits the opposite way:

- happiness > misfortune

- health > diseases

- peace > aggression

- virtue > sin

- longevity > death

Then you have to put an amulet and place it under your clothes on your skin. You may wear it during the day, and at night you may put it under your pillow. There is an opinion that after you have started to sleep on the amulet, you will get terrible dreams, nightmares, which reflect deepest fears and thoughts. You should not be afraid, as it means that the amulet is capable to pull the negative from the subconscious, freeing your energy from the dark and evil existing in your essence. So, if you have nightmares, it means that your aura is going through a stage of liberation and cleansing.


How to use this amulet?

In the modern world, the symbol and the value of the Five Benefits is used as a pendant on a chain, or as an element of decor. But in antiquity there was a different attitude towards this sign. Chinese have used it in all spheres of their life, the same as the Slavic symbol of burdock, meaning happiness.

An image on the amulet may be:

- drawn

- made of stone

- embroidered

- made in the form of ornaments

- depicted on the body as a tattoo

Women painted the symbol of the Five Benefits on the matrimonial bedrooms as a sign of family peace and well-being, or in the children’s room as a protective sign against the evil eye, damage, evil forces, etc. The talisman was used as a sign of health and happiness. Often it may be found on the wooden doors of the house, or on the shutters. Outside the house this symbol could be carved in stone. He was depicted on a stone fence or on the gates, as a sign that grants peace and longevity to the inhabitants of the court.

In some regions, the symbol of happiness, one of the parts of the amulet of the Five Benefits, is considered as abundance, and therefore, it was depicted in the cellars and doors of food warehouses. Also it’s possible to meet such a pattern at the entrance to the market. Such a symbol put on the hospital carries the energy of health and longevity. Healers considered it as an assistant in the fight against diseases.

Such symbols were embroidered on all types of clothing, starting from the bottom shirt and ending with wedding kimonos. Almost all representatives of the nobility wore this sign in the form of gold embroidery on silk dressing gowns. Here is a very interesting remark: most often the drawing of the Five Benefits was embroidered on outer clothing with gold threads on red silk or satin fabric. It’s made because the red color is a basis of passion and an accumulator of everything in the universe. Such a shade of fabric should increase the strength of the amulet five times. The sign may be painted on the interior walls as a room decor, or as exterior surface decor. You may order the gate with the image of such a symbol, or make an iron pattern on the fence. Also it may be made of metal as a jewelry. In principle, there is no difference which metal was used to make an amulet. It will work in any case. However, if you want a jewelry with this sign, remember that silver is a female metal, and gold is male. For women it will be better to wear such jewelry made of silver, and for men - made of gold. Remember the rule, that it’s forbidden to sanctify this amulet with a Christian prayer, as it may be not effective or even dangerous. Such a symbol embroidered on the clothes is also fashionable. You may decorate your dressing gown or bed linen with the symbol of the Five Benefits. It’s also possible to put it on the curtains, tablecloths or capes.

A talisman of the Five Benefits painted over a matrimonial bed gave and kept the harmony and concord in the family. Such a symbol put in the children's room protected from evil spells, envious people and other detractors.


How to clean an amulet from the negative?

Like every mystical object, from time to time, an amulet has to be cleaned from the negative, which it gets from your aura or filters from the surrounding energy while attracts positive flows to you. A talisman should be cleaned for the first time when you charge it for yourself. Pulling all the bad, it may turn black or covered with bloom.

Such a cleaning should be made in three stages:

 - first: to rinse under running water

- second: to clean with salt

- third: to rinse again under running water

Cleaning with salt should be made the following way: pour 4 spoons of pure crystalline salt (not iodized!) to a transparent container, dish or glass. Put an amulet into the salt. In seven days take your amulet and rinse with running water. It’s not necessary to wipe the amulet, just let it dry.

Please remember that your amulet will become an indispensable helper only if your thoughts are pure and bright, because your faith is the most important thing. The artifact works if a person who wears it strongly believes in its help. You may order an individual amulet of the Five Benefits only from a professional magician with extensive experience and enormous power. Over the years I have created hundreds of similar amulets, and saved as many family ties.

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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