"Wheel of Fortune" amulet

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Today I would like to tell you about the "Wheel of Fortune" amulet.

Each physical object has an internal energy, given by nature, or received as a result of actions that determine its purpose. Such an energy constantly affects the surrounding space and other surrounding objects.

One can say that we live in a world of energy exchanges and constant interactions. And, of course, our mental and physical health, our internal and external attractiveness, our qualities and abilities, as well as many other factors depend on the objects with which we communicate each day, and of the energy which we obtain from such objects. It determines our physical position and role. Therefore, when we choose a certain object for our environment, we have a real opportunity to influence our own destiny, and this is real magic.

It’s clear that different objects have different energy, it should also be noted that the volume of such an energy in different physical objects is also different, and they may possess less or more abilities affecting the surrounding space. Thus, for the most effective and fast result, we should choose the most active objects intended for magical transformation directly by the nature itself, or created for this purpose by human hands. Such energy valuable objects are called amulets.

It’s considered that the most popular luck attracting amulet of all times is the Wheel of Fortune. It’s expected that the main influence of this amulet is external, it acquires benefits from our environment and gives an external protection. Thus, everything happens not due to your personal skills and abilities, but due to the secret movements of the common astral space, and thanks to the work of external forces. By carrying out its direct assignment, the amulet is able to restrain the changeability of the goddess, and turn it to your benefit. What else may such an amulet propose to its owner, and how to properly use it, I will tell you in this article.

In everybody’s life may occur a situation when the capricious goddess of fortune and the patroness of luck may turn away, and then the bad luck comes. To prevent such phenomena, it’s sufficient to correctly use a symbol of the wheel, which becomes the key to open the doors of luck. Different ancient symbols may serve as magnets for different energy flows. A proper use of certain signs expressed in a particular combination of lines may help achieving certain life goals. For example, an amulet in the form of a symbolic wheel, personifying the cyclical nature and variability of life, may attract financial success.

First of all, the Wheel of Fortune amulet, being a direct source of life, has protective properties, and may:

- protect its owner from different misfortunes,

- protect from witchcraft and negative magic.

Thus, a charm in the form of a ring with rays opens up energy flows that bring to life luck, happy situations and favorable moments. Sometimes we call people using the Ring of Fortune amulet the “darlings of fortune.” Owners of such amulets always appear in the right place at the right time. Also, such an artifact may be a faithful companion for:

- inveterate gamblers,

- pupils and students,

- businessmen.

A “happy” amulet in the form of a Wheel of Fortune is the most powerful amulet attracting money and wealth. It may help very quickly:

- to increase your own funds,

- to improve your financial situation.

Besides money attraction such an amulet has other functions. It may help an inveterate gambler stop in due time. The owner of such an artifact will always win: the amulet will prompt when the stake will be the highest.

I recommend everybody to wear such an amulet, but there is a special category of people who absolutely needs such a guardian, such as:

- students, and pupils of schools and technical colleges, whose life is full of changes, and luck plays an important role in it,

- businessmen, whose life is subject to constant ups and downs;

- people whose profession is connected with risk, they just need luck and success;

- and, of course, such an amulet is useful for inveterate gamblers.

Remember that the Wheel of Fortune amulet will become an indispensable assistant, but only when your thoughts will be pure and bright, because your faith is the most important thing. The artifact works if its owner strongly believes that it helps.

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena


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