Early marriage or late marriage

Early marriage or late marriage

Many young women are trying to get married as soon as possible. If it doesn’t happen, they start worry about it.

“I'm 20, and I'm still single. Yes, nowadays it happens quite often, but a few dozen years ago it was normal to get married and to give birth to children early.”

However, a majority of such marriages were not happy. Get married – gave birth to children – continue to live in a marriage. Many couples over 50 still live without love or have divorced. Is it better to get married early and then to regret, or wait and get married at a conscious age?

Let’s try to look into.

During the Soviet era, marriages were early and divorces were not welcomed. Divorce sounded not very nice, but there were those who have realized that they can’t be together and have divorced, but the majority has kept their families. In some cases, the relations have stabilized over time, but in other cases the situation become even worse, but such couples still live together due to the children or a common property. A common apartment was a very serious obstacle.

Was the life of these people happy? More likely no than yes. The children have grown, but the grandfather and grandmother still live together and quarrel every day, because they didn’t dare to divorce several years ago.

Many couples under 50 years old have divorced, when they have realized that they were not happy together. Many of them have found another partners, and build new happy and stable relationship.

The current generation has a completely different concept of marriage. Their attitude to a marriage is simple: have married – didn’t like it – have divorced.

An attitude of people in the age of 30-40 to a marriage is serious. They will never hurry to marry the first one they met.

So, what is the best age for marriage? No one will give a definite answer.

Early marriages are more about emotions than feelings. Love lasts till the first life difficulties. When such difficulties occur, the love immediately comes to an end. They realize that they have made a mistake. If you have decided to marry early it’s worth weighing the pros and cons. Carefully look at your chosen one, listen to the opinion of your parents. People with life experience see and understand much more than you. When you have faced with first difficulties it’s not necessary to hurry and to divorce. Try to hear your spouse and solve problems together. But if you see that every day it gets worse, don’t hold onto this person. At the same time, it’s desirable to try to understand who is a provoker of conflicts.

If your husband has started to beat you, he will continue to do it. Don’t believe that you are capable to change it. In case of infidelity (many young guys at the age of 20-25 want to have sex with other young women), there is a chance that it will be stopped in the future.

By registering your relationship, you have to understand, that the family is a responsibility, and not a game. If you are willing to be responsible for the relationship, your spouse and your children, you may marry without doubt. If you aren’t ready and don’t clearly understand what you need, just grow up and wait.

Couples over 30 years old usually don’t have such problems. They are already adult, they understand everything, and think with their own brains. Their emotions are not of a teenager wearing pink glasses. Marriages concluded at a conscious age are stronger, the percentage of divorce is lower, but they also have some disadvantages.

If you marry at the age of 35 or 40, don’t be surprised that your spouse may already have children. Such a fact may not please, but it’s necessary to understand that before meeting you your chosen one has had an own life. Never be jealous to the past.

Never try to modify a character of your partner, which is already formed, in accordance with your desires. If you take it into account, you have many chances for a happy future.

My opinion is that the major disadvantage of a late marriage is joint children. Moreover, it’s quite late to give birth after 40.

So, an exact answer which marriage is better doesn’t exist. For ones the essential is children, for others – a career and their own comfort. A marriage may be successful at any age, if it’s concluded consciously, and not based only on emotions. In a marriage there are two different people and two different characters, but if you and your partner are ready to give in and hear each other, a happy marriage is guaranteed.

If from the very beginning, by copying a model of behavior of your parents, you are set for quarrels and conflicts (such a situation is very common for women), you shouldn’t expect that your partner will accept it.

An energy compatibility is also very important. A diagnosis of relationships may help to determine it. If you have met a person, but are not completely sure about him or her, please contact me via chat, and I’ll be glad to help you clarify the situation.

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