Professional protection against change. Harmonization of relations.

Professional protection against change. Harmonization of relations.

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Today I would like to continue the topic of the love magic, namely, professional protection from adultery in the family, and relationships harmonization.

“I wish you happiness in your personal life!” - we often say these words, congratulating loved ones. This phrase very clearly shows how important we consider to find a soul mate, to be happy in relationships and marriage, not to be lonely. Also, these words make us understand that we clearly separate happiness in our personal life from happiness in a career, internal happiness, or happiness in life. We try to talk about the fact that the love magic may bring happiness in the personal life of every woman.

Everyone has his own understanding on what happiness is, but, as a rule, there are many similar aspects. Usually there is a main spiritual goal which is a happiness in personal life, and smaller goals, more materially-minded, such as a car, an apartment, jewelry, etc. Someone is ready to give up all the blessings of the world if only the loved one will be near, and they are ready even for “a paradise in a hut”. And someone will not be happy without certain valuable attributes. By pursuing material values, the spiritual goal is often forgotten. It’s not easy to find a soul mate and a happiness in a personal life, even if it’s desired from all your heart and soul. And when your dreams about happiness in relationships and family are broken by material desires and aspirations, it becomes much more difficult to meet your loved one. When people addressing me with similar requests, I tell them that the love magic may help to resolve such difficult situations. But all these pleasures of life may collapse when one of the loved ones or both begin to betray each other. In this case a professional protection against adultery is required.

In my practice I have seen a lot of women and even a few men who complained that there was love in the family, but for some reason the partner is unfaithful, has a lover, but then returns home. A protection against adultery could help all of them. This is a special magic ritual aimed at preservation of sexual attraction between spouses and the removal of the desire of another woman or another man. Such a ritual has helped to save not one or two, but dozens families. Now these people are happy together, have children, and some already have grandchildren.

Someone is afraid to carry out such a ritual, arguing that magic will certainly affect the behavior of a spouse. I may assure you that they are wrong. This ritual will not affect the actions and life principles of the husband or wife, but will make love, respect and understanding stronger.

Often a ritual that protects against adultery is performed at the same time as a ritual for a successful marriage. Such an integrated approach ensures a happy marriage with a loved one who will never betray.

Everyone, both men and women, is afraid of a betrayal in their relationship. At the same time, adultery is not always caused by dissatisfaction in family life. Some people simply cannot physically remain faithful to their chosen partner, which leads to many lovers (or mistresses), scandals, frustrations, and even collapse of families which seemed to be strong. Moreover, if any magic will be used against you, then conventional means will not help, and your marriage will require a serious protection. And this is good that there are a lot of rituals aimed at protection against adultery.

The main thing is to avoid black magic, or magic associated with blood, otherwise your loved one may be seriously hurt (the consequences can be different, from a series of failures to a quick death). If it doesn’t stop you, then think: do you really love the one you want to bewitch?


Adultery and types of spells

There is an opinion that after 3 years of marriage a man start to recognize the life with his wife boring, and such a pattern comes from male psychology. Most of the betrayals occur for several reasons:

· the desire to obtain new feelings, a boredom;

· dissatisfaction with the marriage;

· to shake off the rust, and pamper a male ego;

· to boast to one’s friends;

· a love spell made by an another woman, who wants to carry off one’s husband. One thing should be remarked here: if the couple was married in church, a mistress will carry this sin all her life.

In this case several types of spells are used, such as:

· affecting the ties between spouses;

· affecting the love attraction between a spouse and a lover or a mistress;

· mixed spells, usually aimed at the fidelity, but their magic is weaker.


What is relationship harmonization?

Harmony is the coherence and mutual adequacy of the parts within the whole. Thus the whole becomes something more than a simple sum of parts. For example, in music, harmony is when individual sounds add up to a pleasant melody. Our ear perceives the melody as something integral and beautiful, although each sound alone is not worth the whole melody and is not the leading one. Same thing with people. If we are talking about the relationship between two people, then both are equally responsible for the harmony of their union, or the lack thereof.

It should be noted that relationship harmonization is an extrasensory practice aimed at restoring the feelings between the object of the ritual and its customer by establishing a positive associative connection between them, as well as the destruction of negative associations. Sometimes relationship harmonization is mistakenly attributed to love magic, while these are absolutely opposite things. Relationship harmonization is a ritual of white magic.

The fundamental differences between harmonization and love spell are:

- It’s directed only on the feeling which already exist. For harmonization it will be enough to have a sympathy at least. It’s not possible to create new feelings by this ritual.

- There is no coercion. There is no imposition of any feelings, desires or actions from the outside. The personality of the object of the ritual is not suppressed, his freedom of choice is not limited in any way.

- There is no binding with any negative emotions. During the ritual, only positive emotions and images are sent to the object.

- There are no negative consequences.

Here is a couple of advices based on my knowledge and experience:

1. Be patient. To leave his mistress, a man needs as much time as he has been together with her.

2. Remember that it’s an energy impact, and not his desire, who makes a man to return.

3. During this time, just think over if you are ready to forgive the one who has once betrayed you, and continue to live with this person?

4. Try to understand that if the husband has decided to return, he will want to consult and negotiate with parents, children, friends.

5. Sexual relations will require a lot of patience and efforts of both husband and wife. They will not restore immediately, as soon as the spouse will return from the one with whom he felt, frankly saying, very good.

6. Any magic can be broken by the actions of another specialist. And if the mistress also has turned to a magician, the woman who has found a stronger assistant, was more patient, or has spent more money obviously will win.

Finally, I would like to say that the last decision is always made by a woman. For some, it will be better to ask for magical help, and following all the above rules, stay with the loved one and try to glue the broken cup of the relations, while for others will be better to build new relationships with an another person.


Now a couple of questions from my readers.

- What are the consequences of an incorrectly performed ritual on relations harmonization?

When the ritual was performed incorrectly, the outcome may be quite pity. Just imagine that you have made a mistake by dialing a wrong phone number, and you were not connected to the required person. The same is in magic. This is a dangerous area that doesn’t tolerate amateurs.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! And remember the pledge of strong relationships is trust, care and understanding.

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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