Gambling addiction and healing

Gambling addiction and healing

Dear visitors of my web-site  and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to tell you about such a ritual as healing from gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction to casinos and slot machines is akin to a drug. With the only difference that the nutrient medium for it is much more accessible. Many people can’t resist it alone.

Gambling (ludomania, gambling addiction) is a dependence on gambling, including computer games, when a person loses interest in everything not related to the game. The game becomes the center of his life, and the most desirable "emotional drug."

People of different ages (children, teenagers, and quite mature people) and of different social status may suffer from gambling.


Stages of gambling addiction development

At the first initial stage, a person plays periodically, doesn’t raise stakes, dreams of winnings and often wins, sometimes winnings may be quite large. During this period a person may abandon the game if desired.

At the second stage, a person often leaves work to have more time to play. Excitement increases, and certain superstitions and rituals associated with the game may appear. All funds received from the game go back to the game. The game fully absorbs a person, and it may be very difficult to abandon it without the assistance.

At the third stage, the game becomes the center of all life. During the game a person experiences a strong mental excitement. While getting restrictions or prohibitions he or she may become angry, irritated, or fierce. Rates are constantly growing, but the goal of the game is no longer winning or eliminating debt, but the process itself, and money is perceived only as a symbol of the game. At this stage, the reputation of a person, as a rule, is hopelessly flawed, and relationships with friends and relatives are falling apart. A person often feels remorse, but tries to justify himself by shifting the blame to others. He can’t cope with the addiction alone.

At the fourth stage, the periods of abstinence from the game are very rare, and happen only forcefully. For example, during the power outage. Even in his free time, a dependent person is immersed in gaming fantasies, searching for money. He begins to deceive close people to take money or valuables out of the house, he takes cash to pay off his debts and pay his losses. For the sake of his hobby, he is even ready to commit a crime. A person feels hopeless, thinks about suicide and even makes attempts. At this stage, there may be problems with law enforcement agencies, alcohol addiction, emotional collapse, and symptoms of insanity.

It’s quite difficult to break such a vicious circle! To heal gambling addiction is important likewise getting rid of drug and alcohol addiction, and it’s also difficult. Even if a person believes that he stills have a chance to return to normal life, in practice it may not be possible. Gambling addiction cannot be overcome at home: threats, requests, or blackmail can’t help. To do this, you will need to pass through a complex multi-stage process.

First of all, a sincere desire of a dependent person to free himself from addiction is mandatory. Such a desire should be expressed not only in words, but also in readiness to undertake active steps.


Gambling addiction consequences

- constant conflicts with close people, family breakup

- loss of friends, job, and social status

- a large cash debt (if the game was played for money)

- physical, spiritual and mental health destruction

- individual degradation


Gambling addiction healing

At the initial stage of gambling addiction, you may try to cope with the problem yourself without the help of experts:

- to stabilize the situation in the family, avoid conflicts and scandals that may only exacerbate gambling;

- to switch a dependent person to active rest, meeting with friends, traveling, other hobbies;

- to raise his status in the family or at work, let him feel that he can be meaningful and necessary not only during the game, but also in real life;

- to prove that life outside the game can also be interesting.

If gambling addiction has reached the second, the third, or even the fourth stage, the unconventional help of the magician or healer is required, who will offer methods of healing taking into account personal characteristics.


Gambling addiction healing with hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the oldest ways of treatment of nervous system, which is already 7000 years old. It may be used when a person has strong addictions or stress. Hypnosis in its vibrations is equal to sleep, so such a therapy is natural. Its task, like in meditation or in auto-training, is to cause gamma radiation, which makes it easier to communicate with the unconscious.

But, there are two contraindications for hypnosis, such as schizophrenia and reactive states. Such a method is good for people of easily suggestible type and, of course, for those who believe in its effectiveness. As a rule, basic healing consists of 10 sessions, and accelerated healing of 6 sessions.

Hypnosis helps to restore energy, which was punched by emotional explosions from the game. Also, hypnosis helps to learn control over desires and emotions, and inculcate a dislike for excitement.

The only thing that is not always worth resorting to is coding, as it doesn’t search for the problem, and doesn’t fix it. It may only inspire and suppress the desire of the game, which may cause a conflict of consciousness and unconscious. It often happens when a patient has a nervous breakdown.

Therefore, the first thing which should be made is to find the reason that led to the ludomania.


Gambling addiction healing by photo

Gambling addiction healing by photo is, roughly speaking, one of the elements of a magical impact. The method may be applied when nobody can influence their dependent relative. What does it consist of? Of conspiracies and rituals. It’s real to heal the gambling addiction by magic, but everything will depend on the strength of the magician or parapsychologist, who will energetically influence the gambling addict.

In order to have a successful healing and an ability of a person to return to a normal life, full of happiness, pleasure and love, but without games, one important condition is necessary: a patient with gambling addiction have to understand that he is addicted and accept it.             

Whoever you go to, remember that no one can solve your problems better than you. If such a problem was happened to you, then you will find the answer within yourself.


Now a couple of questions from my readers.

- Please tell how to recognize such a disease?

First, a person tries something new, any kind of a game. There is a desire to compete and to win. In rare cases, the achievement of the original goal leads to a logical conclusion of the game, but in the majority of cases the player sets a new goal, comes up with some own "methods and recipes for victory". A new level, a harder task, and a more significant gain. Often, gambling addicted people are educated, smart, and thoughtful persons. And their “weak point” is the desire to achieve a goal, to prove to oneself. But there are a lot of those who simply lured by the appeal for easy profits.

There are people who can stop, and who control the situation, but they are the rarest exception, in all other cases the excitement quickly prevails over logic and reason. As a result, we have a pathological gambling addiction. Such people loose time control, they can literally play until they lose consciousness, or till a heart attack. There are different stories, but the result is always the same: huge debts, loss of money, valuables, cars or houses.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! And remember the pledge of strong relationships is trust, care and understanding.


Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena


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