Problem gambling healing

Problem gambling healing

Dear visitors of my web-site  and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to talk about problem gambling treatment ritual.

Problem gambling stills a modern unresolved problem. People may be drawn into the world of gambling with one flick of the finger. There are those who were lucky to pass by such a pernicious entertainment, and also there are those who know how to dose the game correctly. But there is a considerable percentage of those who are in the strongest dependence and don’t even realize it.

The player drawn into the gambling ceases to notice the surrounding reality and concentrates only on the process of the game. Such dependence is both a social and psychological problem, and people with such a dependence often asking me for help.

People who are fond of such games often have thoughts of suicide. This is due to the fact that a person loses quite often. He plays again and again, gradually being pulling in the negatives. Being unable to pay such a money, a person decides that the only way out is a suicide.

I can fix such a problem both when an addicted person knows about it, and remotely.

Many PC users are addicted to gambling.


Check out the major signs of problem gambling:

-  A person becomes more active, merry, and hurries to quicker accomplish his work to start a gameplay as soon as possible. It may be noticed by his facial expressions, manners and gestures.

-  During the game, a person feels strong emotions, and his psychological state is normal.

-  He spends more money for game in comparison with the initial period.

-  If stakes become minimal or the gameplay stops, the player becomes anxious and annoyed.

-  He tries to do everything to play and lose less, but usually without any result.

-  The person systematically spends a lot of time at the casino.

-  A gambler may pledge his word to relatives or friends to finish the game, but never keeps the promise.

-  A person starts to play to forget about problems or to cheer himself up (stop feeling depressed or lonely).

-  The next day after the loss a person is trying to win it all back.

-  A person may deceive close people to hide the consequences of problem gambling.

-  A person may spend the last money on gambling.

-  A person may take all valuables and sell them to play.

-   A person may cheat others or steal to get money.

-   Being so infatuated with gambling, a person is even ready to lose the job or friends support.

-   A person borrows money to cover existing gambling debts.

If any of the above signs is observed, a person is faced with the problem gambling.

Problem gambling shouldn’t concern only a gambler himself. That is why it’s necessary to work with all close people of the gambler. After all, the constant craving for excitement and the need for thrills invariably lead to financial distress of the whole family. That is why it’s important to involve relatives in the treatment process.

As a rule, dependent people are emotionally unstable, and are characterized by sudden mood swings. They may throw out their anger and discontent on their family. Often, relatives become somewhat dependent as well, allowing gambler to play at the casino again and again.

It’s important to know how to behave in such cases to help a gambler to stop, and not to provoke him to go to the casino again. It’s necessary to perform a constant monitoring.

No need to get rid of the problem on your own. It may only hurt. It’s better to immediately contact a specialist who is able to fully understand the essence of the problem. Indeed, in most cases, the gambler convinces himself and others, that he will certainly abandon such a harmful habit, and will no longer put money and lose. However, as a rule, after a few days a problem returns.

Never believe gambler’s promises, even if he is your very close relative or loved one. You will only make it worse. You may turn to magic at any time. Such a method will always help you to return peace and prosperity to your family.

The best is to treat the disease at its early stage, when a person is not yet addicted to the gambling, because later he will be involved in the process, and it will be quite difficult to get him rid of addiction. However, even in difficult cases a person may be saved from such a problem. I have an enormous and long experience coping with this problem, and I have developed my own treatment method. I may effectively help and competently relieve a gambler being at any stage of dependence from this problem. I may save people from such problems very effectively and quickly, but a person has to sincerely want to recover to get better result.

If the gambler has no desire to get rid of this problem, then I’ll try to influence his energy and eliminate the cause that led him to such a state, even without his knowledge, working remotely, and using a photo.


Gambling: a negative impact on the energy

When a person is engaged in creativity, the creation of any material or spiritual values, he produces positive energy. At such moments, the person activates the organ of intuition, called the pineal body. Probably, everyone knows a feeling of the creation process, when it seems that waves are ready to part at your will.

But what happens when all thoughts of a person are occupied only with a thirst for profit during a gambling? The pineal body descends, and a person loses a sense of premonition, and his intuition doesn’t work. As a result, the gambler not only loses all the money, but also receives a powerful energy damage, which has a very bad effect on his health.

Remember, no matter who you will address, but nobody can solve your problems better than you. If you have faced with such a problem, you will find an answer in yourself.

Now, a couple of questions from my readers.


- What can you tell about the problem gambling removal by photo?

Roughly speaking, getting rid of problem gambling by photo is one of the elements of a magical influence. Such a method is used when relatives can’t influence a gambler in no way. I use conspiracies and rituals. It’s possible to remove the problem gambling by magic, but everything depends on the strength of the magician or parapsychologist, who will perform an energetic influence on the gambler.

- Does the casino have an influence on the human psyche?

Yes, of course! Sometimes people cross all the boundaries: they are so immersed in the gameplay, it attracts them so much that it’s almost impossible to stop. I help people to get rid of the desire to play. Being excessively addicted to any game, you may experience gambling addiction that needs to be treated. I help people with this problem. I’m working on the subconsciousness of the gamblers so that they forever forget about leading to bad consequences gambling. By influencing the energy of a person, I eliminate the very reason that pushed him to the games and led to addiction. I may work without making a person aware of it.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! Remember, that the trust, care and understanding are the basis of strong relationships.


Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena


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