Individual horoscope and its features

Individual horoscope and its features

Dear visitors of my web-site  and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to slightly reveal the topic of horoscopes, what are they, why do they required, and what do they affect?

A horoscope of personality is your individual astrological portrait, created on the basis of an analysis of astrological phenomena that determine a person’s character, inclinations, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Individual horoscope of personality also shows the main trends and predispositions that may be revealed during the life. The most important thing is that the horoscope of personality shows us our capabilities and tools with which we may become more successful, happy and harmonious. My website, as well as my capabilities and knowledge in horoscopes composition, demonstrate that the astrology may become an effective tool for self-knowledge.

Today we may find different types of horoscopes in the media: in the morning we may hear one on the radio, read an another one in a newspaper or a magazine, or find it at the Internet. But why are they required? Probably not everyone thinks about it. A horoscope helps us plan our day, month or year. He even gives instructions on how to act in any given situation, and also shows our compatibility with a certain person.

My opinion is that an individual horoscope is a passport to a new life, the beginning of something new. Today the information is very important: it guarantees the confidence in a successful result. Professional astrology is a powerful translator of the information from the universe. An astrologer and his predictions may be considered as navigation tools. You may use them or ignore them at your will, but the first option is much more practical in terms of quality of life.

Astrology may give a chance to understand and optimize personal opportunities at a certain period of time, to protect oneself from problems, or, at least, smooth out sharp corners. There is nothing extrasensory in it, just an experience and an ability to make a picture of what was revealed. In general, this is a purpose of the astrology, and it’s not a show like "see what will happen." And those people who understand it (among them there are a lot of well-known and serious people), just get a consultation, and never tell how often they do it, and from whom do they get it. And very often they still maintain a general skepticism regarding astrological forecasts, because they already have a unique instrument in their hands. Knowledge is a power that is not always good to share.

In society, it’s common to take care of once appearance, to be beautiful, fashionably dressed, own an expensive car and have other things that symbolize comfort and life quality. And practically nobody thinks that life itself requires care, a certain succession, and development. When we miss important moments in love or at work, we can’t feel the real scale of what is happening around. We used to rely on something divine or on the spontaneity of events, not trying to understand the game offered to us. But once it’s necessary to decide to get involved in the developing plot, and when we will see it from the side, and understand the essence and how to act.

When you realize that everything has a pattern, mathematical logic, you stop thinking aggressively, enviously, and will be filled with optimism. Your worldview will change. As a result, you will start thinking constructively, based on the real scenario of events. You will stop thinking badly about people, realizing that a person, who has made something bad has just performed his role. But when you are in the subject of such amazing knowledge, you, on the one hand, acquire great opportunities, and on the other hand, great responsibility: for your words, your decisions, and your actions. Sometimes people ask me: “How do you live knowing everything?” In turn I reply: “How could you live being blind? You have trouble, but you don’t know when it will end? It’s awful to live like that!”

Astrology is a powerful, constructive tool that allows you to maneuver, think strategically, and a personal astrological chart is the key to the whole world. Each person has a matrix, where all actions and perspectives are stated in connection with the action algorithms. It’s wrong to refuse to understand at what stage you are and what is happening in your life. For example, we use astrological knowledge to define what it is worth starting at the full moon, and what is not. We plant petunias on the balcony according to the lunar calendar!

A reaction of a person who has encountered a detailed forecast for the first time is like that: “Are we all programmed?” First there is a skeptical attitude. An information is perceived as a sentence, an encroachment on free will. I don’t want to teach anyone anything, and never judge by actions (although sometimes I may tell where the customer was wrong) - I write a long-term forecast with dates and facts, based on bifurcation and eventuality. I describe a person himself, and a retrospective of his life. And when he realizes that I know his past, he begins to trust me, and I suggest trying to act in accordance with my predictions.

Everything has its own chart: a person, events, or things. Personal relationships may also be forecasted and corrected.

When you address a specialist for the first time, you tell where and when you were born, and he immediately proceeds with your forecast chart, - this is a wrong approach. A chart should fit you 100%, and a rectification may help to do it. For example, you have provided an information about the exact time of birth and major events, and the specialist marks these dates and proceeds with the chart. For example, he may remark a move in your childhood and may ask if you have been moved when you were 10 years old. You may reply: “No, at 12”. And in accordance with your clarifications, an astrologist may displace the entire chart for a few minutes, which will significantly affect the overall picture. The rectification technique is not simple, and each acts in its own way. However, if an astrologist makes it, it’s a good sign that he respects the basic principles of work.

An astrologist should be benevolent and adhere ethics. He should provide some free will to the customer, creating an understanding that he is free to act one way or another. If an astrologist gives information in an intimidating manner, provoking a constant interaction, it means that something is wrong here.

Of course, forecasters may make mistakes due to the influence of some factors that they couldn’t take into account. But in general, the effectiveness of astrology is exceptional and more serious than any statistical phenomenon. However, for the system it’s better when we believe that we have no need to use such a powerful tool.


Now a couple of questions from my readers.

- To whom may be useful a full analysis of the natal chart?

A complete analysis of the natal chart is a huge work, which is valued by astrologists accordingly. For example, do you need information that you are hot-tempered, unbalanced, prone to break up in a relationship, while in a given period of time you are more interested in the issue of your employment? Of course, the astrologist should take into account the above mentioned factors of your temperament when answering questions about your employment, but do you want all the factors of your horoscope to be described to you? Think about what you are looking for from the natal astrology? Perhaps it will be enough to limit the analysis by one or another area of ​​your life?

- Which type of consultation is better: oral or written?

A consultation with an astrologist is in many respects similar to a consultation with a psychologist or a doctor, and, if necessary, may be of a therapeutic nature. This is one of the reasons why oral consultation is more effective than written. On the other hand, during the live conversation, you may clarify all the issues of the problems, and ask additional questions. A written text is good as a gift or as an appendix to the oral consultation, as it contains a detailed and consistent description of all factors of an individual horoscope (e.g. an individual potential).

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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