Zodiac gift guide

Zodiac gift guide


Aries prefer to get as a gift something special and original. If it's clothes, then it should be bright and distinguishing from the crowd. Representatives of this sign are most afraid to merge with the gray mass. In addition, a gift should be fashionable. Aries pay a lot of attention to this. They really don’t like to obtain consumer goods as a gift, but a stylish and design thing will infinitely please them. They don’t mind to get a practical gift: it could be a player, a washing machine, or even better a car.



Taurus is one of the most grateful object for gift. Taurus reacts not to a gift itself, but to the attention and the amount of love enclosed in such a gift. This sign is a fine judge of art, except virtual or technical. Those under the Taurus sign are completely indifferent to CDs, records, or technical equipment; but things made of ceramics, leather, stone or wood, which may be touch and admired, bring a lot of pleasure to them. In general, the Taurus will appreciate any gift, but one that is practical, beautiful, and stylish at the same time, will be liked the most.



Gemini will accept with pleasure any gift. They are fond of all sorts of trinkets, which may be not even noticed by others. Besides, they are connoisseurs of books, and will appreciate a content of a book first, and only then its design. A new mobile phone, a computer, a pager, a voice recorder, or any other thing related to telecommunications will be considered by the Gemini as a good gift. 



Cancer will appreciate first of all food, especially one that has never been tried (tortoise soup, exotic lobster and so on). In general, they love all the original, unusual, and exotic. A rare breed of cat or dog, an unusual tropical mouse or an exotic animal will be a very good gift for Cancer. A visit to a restaurant will be greatly appreciated. Also antiques of all kind can be an ideal gift for them.



Those under the Leo sign love royal gifts, which must be raised above the crowd and placed on a pedestal. Therefore, an ideal gift for them will be jewelry, and the more expensive the better. They also like an expensive furniture. You may present with one chair, but it should be custom-made. If you don’t have enough money, please note that your gift should be bright and pompous. It has to be conspicuous, but noble at the same time. For example, any art object.



Those under the Virgo sign adore small things, so they prefer to obtain five sets of earrings instead of one massive chain. They will particularly appreciate things where a labor of a master is clearly visible. Any small items, like mini-telephone, mini-receiver and so on, will be regarded by Virgos as a very good present. A funny little animal could be a great idea, but such a gift should be presented only to those Virgos who love animals, especially those that you have chosen as a gift.



Libras love gifts, they know how to make and receive them. This sign will very appreciate a book, even if you didn’t choose right its content. Clothes are not an appropriate gift for them, as it’s almost impossible to guess Libra's taste. Libras pay a lot of attention to a packaging, but it doesn’t mean that a form is more important for them than a content. Libras are aesthetes, and like to feel a spirit of holiday from its very beginning.



It’s practically impossible to soften the Scorpio up. No matter what is a value of a gift, you still not buy his or her love. Money is the best gift for Scorpio, but only if the level of your relations allows to give them, and then he or she will decide what to buy for this money. Scorpios may be very upset if a gift is useless by their own opinion. Moreover, they tend to blame themselves for not being able to properly express their wishes and expectations. Therefore, it’s better either give them money, or find out strictly what they want.



Sagittarius is the least ambitious sign of all the fire signs. They don’t like to stand out from a crowd, like Aries, and don’t need royal claims of Leos. However, this sign is very fond of exotics. Therefore, if you want to surprise Sagittarius, just present him or her something that no one else has.



Capricorn is conservative, doesn’t have special creative imagination, and sometimes seems boring for others. But this quality protects Capricorns from many mistakes. In general, they are very demanding, and they don’t like cheap gifts. However, it’s not necessary to be very original choosing a gift for them. Capricorns likes solid and practical gifts. They love antiques: an old book, a silver candelabrum and so on. A very good gift for a male Capricorn, especially if he is a businessman, is an expensive diary or a gold pen. Capricorns may also be pleased by expensive watches, but such a gift is not good for close people, as it may lead to parting.  However, watches are an excellent gift for a boss - Capricorn.



Everything unusual, extravagant, and exciting is suitable for Aquarius. Try to present your beloved Aquarius with a trip to an exotic country. Or surprise with a self-made thing. If you think that your gift was accepted coldly, or, on the contrary, very warm, please don’t care about it, as it means nothing in case of Aquarius. Aquarius is able to accept any, even the most expensive gift, and still thinking that it doesn’t bind him in any way.



Pisces are dizzy with mystical things (talismans, amulets, books on mysticism). Offer them a visit to a psychic, and they will be happy. Never give them items which may be broken or make harm to their health (usually Pisces never read manuals and learn by trial-and-error).




FIRE SIGNS: They are the most active. They prefer gifts that emphasize their individuality.


EARTH SIGNS: They appreciate things that are beautiful and practical at the same time. They like to touch their gifts, and admire them.


AIR SIGNS: It’s very easy and at the same time difficult to please them. An essential is to provoke an interest to the gift, and give an opportunity to get some new information out of it.  Just explain them a meaning of your gift, and it becomes something more than just a thing.


WATER SIGNS: Water signs are very emotional, and they accept any gift as a sign of attention. Therefore, if you have not enough money, just make a symbolic gift, but never forget to congratulate them. Your forgetfulness may offend them.

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