Assistance in solving court cases

Assistance in solving court cases

Hello, dear visitors of my site and my regular readers! My name is Elena, I am a professional magician, healer and clairvoyant with more than 15 years of experience. In this article, I would like to highlight such a topic as the Ritual of assistance in solving court cases.

Conspiracy magic helps in solving everyday issues. When it comes to court, rituals can provide a quick win or a decent monetary compensation. A conspiracy to win a case in court is used during the preparation stage, during the trial and after the appeal.

Preparation for the magical process

A conspiracy for good luck in court is the direction of energy in the right direction. Everything that surrounds a person and creates the circumstances in which he has to live is filled with the same power. The conspiracy to win in court works through the direction of energy: a person can influence the decision of higher authorities, ensure good luck and quick success. The conspiracy has been working since the first days, so you won't have to wait for belated results. Universal rituals are suitable both for quick trials and for serious cases, on the solution of which the fate and well-being of the conspirator depends.

Litigation is a waste of time and effort. A person goes to court while his case is being considered, invests money in the result. The longer the litigation lasts, the more costs that may not pay off. For this reason, using a conspiracy to court is effective if it is necessary to speed up the whole process. Advantages of conspiracies for court proceedings: rituals help to win a case if the plaintiff has no evidence or is in a losing position; a conspiracy allows you to prepare properly (find a lawyer or representative, get to a favorable judge); each stage of the process, the party that reads the plot can turn in its own direction.

To win a trial, a universal conspiracy is used before the start of a long process. It is read on the eve of submission of documents. It will be a good time during the growing moon, when the heavenly body helps in the development of all new affairs.

To receive monetary compensation in court

A conspiracy is useful in cases where a person claims damages. This is a vast area of judicial proceedings – cases that end in monetary compensation. Magic will help solve issues related to moral and material damage. The conspiracy is read before filing a statement of claim and every meeting. To win a controversial case, amulets are additionally prepared. These are any gizmos that can easily be carried into the courthouse. On the eve of the hearing, the thing starts talking.

Such an amulet will help to avoid outside influence – this is the strongest protection that will be useful to the plaintiff and the defendant.

The plot to win in court is ideally read directly at the hearing, but options are also possible remotely. In fact, listening at this time is his greatest strength. The slander for such a court, where money matters are decided, is learned by heart. You can not swap words or add wishes from yourself. When the conspirator is in court, he needs to twist the "fig" with his right hand. You need to do this quietly so that no one sees. After that, magical strong words are whispered, which the magician himself knows. The plot is repeated three times, after which the fist is unclenched. Before such a court case, it will be useful to clean the house: if you free up space, there will be a place in the house for the monetary compensation that a person expects. The plot is read at every meeting.

Universal rites

One of the universal rites helps in solving the money case. The most effective spells are read: on a handkerchief; on salt; on water. An effective rite will allow you to win in any case, whether it is a civil lawsuit or monetary proceedings. If a person is guilty, but wants to avoid punishment, the universal rite will also help.

Litigation is a difficult stage of life for both the plaintiff and the defendant. White magic is used to speed up the process and get the desired result. It is safe and will not do any harm. With the help of universal and special conspiracies, luck, the favor of the judge and good monetary compensation are attracted. The ritual is carried out in secret from outsiders: secrecy is a guarantee of the effectiveness of the rite. Simple attributes are used to enhance the work of the conspiracy: a handkerchief, water or salt. A homemade amulet is being prepared for protection.

Now you know more about the ritual of helping to solve court cases. If you have any household issues, working moments, financial proceedings or the ritual itself is not clear, then write or call me, I am always in touch.

Be careful and take care of yourself! With love and best wishes, your Elena from Barcelona!

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