Business magic

Business magic

Dear visitors of my web-site  and my regular subscribers,

Today I will try to cover the topic of business magic and money attraction, and cases when it’s applied.

Business magic may influence the course of events as any other kind of magic. With the help of rituals, amulets and conspiracies, you may achieve increased revenues, improved luck, and even attract higher powers to all business areas.

You may influence both your own business or someone else's. There are many different methods which may significantly worsen the position of competitors, reduce their income and even eliminate them. Also there are many ways to protect against similar influence of competitors.

Business magic is a powerful tool that has to be used with caution, and understanding of the results of its use.

Often people not dedicated to the esoteric sciences think that it’s completely superfluous to use amulets, conspiracies, magical protection, or any other ways to influence reality. Such people are defenseless before the magical impact of others.

Business magic may not only protect a novice, but may turn circumstances such a way that it allows to achieve success without making much effort.

The scope of business magic is very wide. It may help you:

- to make terms of the deal more favorable;

- to affect the consciousness of partners, competitors, customers and employees;

- to make money attraction spells. Money is the same kind of energy as consciousness, it may be attracted to oneself the way as the love spell attracts a desired person by connecting to his or her energy;

- to eliminate unwanted competitors;

- to attract good customers;

- to program the future of your business for wealth.

Now I would like to talk a little about money attraction spells. Such a method to attract money to someone’s life may give a lot, and there are several rituals of different directions and with their own characteristics. For example, if someone asks me to make a money attraction spell but with a focus on his or her professional field, then the customer will get quicker promotion, an opportunity to get an underworking within his company, or orders from other companies, etc. I would like to say, that in this case the money attraction spell is targeted to earnings precisely based on professional knowledge and skills of the customer.

There are other cases, for example, when people who have their own store and want to raise revenues are asking me to make a money attraction spell. There are many similar examples, but the essential is that you need to have a clear goal, and not swimming in dreams that a suitcase with money will fall to your hands right from the sky. There is even a proverb: “the sleeping fox catches no chicken”.

Magic is a perfect way to solve such problems. Many people who have been addressed me with a similar request, are very pleased with how their lives were changed.

Remember, to attract more money, you have to create new desires. And to achieve such desires, you have to aim at the arrival of new money. It means that it’s impossible to pay for your new desires from your old incomes. To get money for your new desire, a new channel of intention has to be created.

Don’t make new purchases from your old income. A new desire, that you have generated, requires new money arrival. If you will pay for your new desire from old sources, your cash savings will run out (you will not even be able to make your planned purchases, as this money was dedicated for them). And at the same time, a new channel of intention for your new desire will not be created.

There is a situation when the available money can be spent on new desires. If the money came without a reason (they were not saved for any other strict purchase), and the available amount allows to make such a purchase, you may buy such goods. But if money is accumulated for something else, it shouldn’t be wasted on other goods, as it will not be possible to implement a new desire.

Money should work. You should always keep this in mind. If you have accumulated money without a purpose, place it in the bank at interest or invest it.

Firmly adhere to the rule: pay for new desires only from the extra money that comes after setting a new goal.

When you don’t spend the money you possess on your new desires, then even a desire to spend them will not appear (you has to assume that you have no money for your new desire), the process of attracting money starts.

Stick to these recommendations, and never allow wrong distribution of your money and unforeseen expenses. In this case, you will be able to raise more money for your goals, and become rich.

See you soon,

Magician Helena

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