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Today I would like to continue the topic of the curse, its determination, and how it may happen.

Every person faces offenders at least once in their life. More likely it could be enemies, envious and detractors, or criminals from whose actions either the person himself or his relatives suffered. Unfortunately, not always evil and vile people get what they deserve, as justice in our cruel world loses its strength and value. How to annoy the abuser for meanness, if the law machinery or other authorities are often inactive or refuse to help? Black and white magic offers its solution to this problem – a remote conspiracy.


Features of the curse and similar rituals

Conspiracies used to punish the offender are considered strong rituals, and most of them belong to the arsenal of the black magic. The stronger is the ritual, the more dangerous consequences it may evoke. The task of such conspiracies is to harm a person who has brought a lot of negativity into your life or has offended you strongly with something. It’s very important to do such a ritual without harm to yourself.

Some rituals are also aimed at blocking the forces of the enemy, or at turning on his own witchcraft (in case he uses magic to inflict damage to you and your loved ones). It’s unlikely that the use of such conspiracies will end with the death of the offender, but now he will become ill, and swill suffer a lot and for a long time.

A remote conspiracy used to punish enemies will be safe for the performer only if its usage is justified. The magic of retribution can only be used when you are an injured party. However, if the anger of the enemy was provoked by your actions, then the end result may be very deplorable for you. The conspiracy will roll back, and all the evil that you wanted to send to the “enemy” will strike yourself, and very often will be even multiplied. Before applying the magic of retribution, be sure to think it over and ask yourself if you are a real victim in this situation. If you decide to punish an innocent person with the help of a conspiracy, you risk turning the forces of justice against yourself. Remember that the word in some cases can bring more destruction than physical violence.

The decision on whether to turn to black magic should depend on the specific situation, and the size and consequences of harm made to you. If there is an ordinary life conflict between you and someone, it is wrong to immediately turn to malicious magic. The best way out of many difficult situations is to increase and develop your own capabilities and strengths that will help you get out of such situations as a winner. In this case it should be a task for psychology:  read books on how to get out of conflict situations, or on how to find friends and increase your sexuality and attractiveness.

However, in case of the exerted direct pressure, enforcement, persecution or violence, or when there is a real danger to your health and life, your inaction may be extremely destructive. You may try to use a ritual such as curse.

A conspiracy of influence on enemies acts in both directions: as a protection from the offender, and as a punishment for the person who bears grudges. A spell intended for the apology from the enemy enslaves the will of the ill-wisher, and makes him weak and pliable. Such power can’t be given free of charge, and can’t go unpunished. A curse on a candle or ancient ceremonies with the holy water will help you realize your plans, but the fee will be taken in any case.

For the abuser, the magical punishment may become irreversible, and the most terrible. Before making conspiracy it’s necessary assess the risks and harm caused by the enemy. If you read ambiguous reviews of magical rituals, it becomes clear that the magic is not to be toyed with. To help the ritual it’s necessary to charge it with your own inner strength. Experienced magicians say that one who acts cruelly with enemies is merciless with his relatives too. Is pretty much compassion needed to forgive?

It’s is very dangerous to impose a curse on its own. A woman who has dared to take such a step will face many trials and difficulties. Why do women address the magical assistance more often? Sooner or later every successful woman, mother, wife or mistress, may be faced with such a problem as a rival. It’s not always easy, and sometimes completely impossible to get rid of the predator. The magic word gives unlimited power over the unfortunate fate. The woman says “my man can’t be with an another woman” and whispers his name during secret rituals. It’s not a sin to return your own, but a defensive reaction.

Words of sincere prayer filled with despair and grief over lost love may become a good helper. If a woman turns to God, she should thank, while appealing to the higher forces.

A necessary ritual will be found by itself, without the help of strangers. It will appear as if at the behest of invisible forces. And the main thing is to trust those forces that give the desired, to believe in the actions of the magician to whom you asked for help, to believe that everything will turn out all right. To impose an evil eye on the enemy is a costly, but feasible thing, but it will not be possible to wrap the spell backwards. It’s necessary to think in advance about what awaits the victim.

Making the pangs of conscience wake up in the soul of the enemy is a challenge for an experienced mage. Only a strong-willed person is capable to impose harm on the offender remotely. It’s also impossible to remove an alien energy influence without the assistance of a professional. Evil lurks in the person, and not in the strength, and if the client is not ready for the consequences, then it’s not worth trying to impose a curse.


Conspiracy consequences

It’s wrong to experience betrayal, which greatly influences on the mental equilibrium, during the long time. Harm that comes from your own thoughts and feelings, should go to the offender. A person ordering the magical ritual thinks, that if he feels bad, then the enemy shouldn’t live good too: “If I’m bad, then the enemy can’t be seen well!” Such a position is dangerous, but fair. The punishment is worth any price put up by higher powers.

The conspiracy of punishment of an offender is strong and even irreversible. Before addressing the magic, you should evaluate your own strength. If the offense inflicted on you can’t go unpunished, then it’s necessary to act without delay. When you get an emotional return, the words or actions acquire the meaning. Everybody may take revenge so that an offender will not have a single happy day. Painful trials, insomnia and constant gratuitous fear will haunt the enemy. An experienced magician will tell you how to punish an offender by the conspiracy. It’s imperative to protect yourself and your loved ones from detractors.

Be careful and take care of yourself!

Sincerely yours,

Magician Helena.


And now a couple of questions from my readers.

- How does the curse reveal itself? How to find out about it?

It may be a bad streak, or a failure in any particular area, but as a rule the life of a victim of a curse collapses completely. It may be accompanied by frequent depressions, causeless anxiety, frequent sleep disturbances and insomnia, and unreasonable fear, and lead to health problems, untreatable illnesses coming from nowhere, or even a sudden death.

The victim suffers, the life collapses, and it’s impossible to find a way out of such a situation. If not to provide assistance to such a person in time, the consequences may be very deplorable. A person loses weight without a reason, ages premature, feels lonely, or even may become mad. It may lead to a very hard life, even if it stills wealthy and luxury, but much often such people end their miserable existence in a complete poverty.

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