Voodoo Love Spell

Voodoo Love Spell

Dear visitors of my web-site mag-salon.com and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to talk about Voodoo love spell, and answer a couple of your questions.

Very often people asking me for help getting someone to fall in love with them. As a rule, it comes to a person, with whom ones have separated a long time ago, but can’t abandon the thoughts about him. And then the woman comes to make the last and desperate act: she asks me to resort to Voodoo love spell. First I’m trying to discourage from such an action, and give a week or two to think about it. However, if an invisible thread tying these two persons together still exists, it will draw her to this person again and again. It should be noted that Voodoo love spells are the strongest ever. Each case requires a very special approach, a unique ritual, and an exceptional spell, that will suit only you and no one else. Therefore, instead addressing Internet, and blindly following the first found recipe, it will be reasonable to address a good specialist for a diagnosis.

I would like to give you some recommendations you need to follow in case if you still not afraid of choosing such an unsafe way:

1. You have to make a Voodoo doll yourself, or to entrust it to a specialist with whom you work.

2. The color of Voodoo doll’s dress (in the event that you want to attract a person, either call or find the missing loved one) should be red or pink.

3. The best day for the ritual is Friday. It should be performed at night on the ascending moon.

4. After all the necessary manipulations with the doll, it’s necessary to pronounce a special spell three times.

5. After you see your loved one, be sure to pay attention to the SIGNS that will come from everywhere: from your dreams, from words said by passing by people, from other sounds and images.

In most cases, the effect of Voodoo spell begins within a couple of days after the magical ritual. Of course, such period may differ and should be discussed with each magician individually. Also a magician should consider a possibility of a simple love spell, as Voodoo magic is not always acceptable.

As a rule, the love spell is characterized by the appearance of strong passion, love and desire towards the customer, and an attracted person will be ready to commit any actions in order to get his or her attention.

Here are some questions from my followers on this issue:

- Does a love spell affect any person?

In magical practice, a love spell has a faultless effect on every person. However, many people think that it will be enough to possess any personal belongings or a photo of a person. And then we may see a young fans running with a photo from a glossy magazine to the master with a request to bewitch their idol. It appears that to have a photo is not enough to get a result. One of the most important conditions of the love spell is the need for a personal acquaintance of the customer with those who he or she wants to bewitch.

- Is it possible to make a love spell on a photo?

There are no difficulties for an experienced magician to perform a love spell ritual, and a photo could be a great attribute for it. It’s desirable to use not an old picture, but taken no later than three years ago. Since photo displays only a projection of a person, one picture is not enough to make a ritual effective. As a rule, the master may recommend to bring for this purpose any personal item belonging to the person to be bewitched. It may be a key chain, a pen, and even a note written by the hand of this person. Any clothes contacting with the body of the bewitched one will be the best. So, a T-shirt is much more preferable than a scarf or a belt. Every item has a kind of "energy memory", which helps to enhance the effect of the love spell.

- Is it possible to perform a love spell if the only thing you possess is a photo and the name of a person?

Of course it’s possible! If we are talking about a fleeting acquaintance that provoked true feelings, then you may bewitch the person you like with the help of a certain ceremony. In this case the love spell assumes a special ritual which should be conducted in the church with the assistance of the cathedral imp. For this purpose, it will be enough to have a recent photo and to know the name of a person.

- Which factors determine the power of a love spell?

The power of a love spell depends on several factors, three of which are considered decisive. The first factor is the experience and magical power of the magician. Only a magician who has the gift and great practical experience will be able to perform a flawless love spell. The second important factor is the personal contact of the customer with the bewitched one. It may be business, friendly, or, much better, intimate relationships. It will be great if the customer has an opportunity to pass some time together with the bewitched one, which may allow to give him or her some hoodoo drink or food. All these things may significantly enhance the effect of the ritual, giving a stunning lasting result. The third factor is the presence of clothes or any other personal belongings of the person to be bewitched. It’s also important to know the name and the date of birth.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! Remember, that the trust, care and understanding are the basis of strong relationships.


Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena.

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