Offender punishment (curse)

Offender punishment (curse)

Dear visitors of my web-site and my regular subscribers,

Today I would like to talk about the curse, its determination, as well as to touch upon a subject of “offender punishment”.

Very often, unforeseen conflict situations between two people, sorting out who is right and who is wrong, and quarrels may lead to violence and even a brawl. Although, there are no claims to the actions of each party of such a conflict. However, it may happen that hooligan actions may cause harm to a person, who is absolutely not guilty. There are cases when a brawl is extremely cruel, and a victim is severely beaten. It may happen between teenagers, in a result of a family quarrel, or a conflict between two passes-by on a street, when an offender tries to prove the truth with his own fists.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter what was a reason, and why you were beaten by an offender. The main thing is that you know exactly who has offended you, and you wish to punish an offender quickly and justly. Even from ancient times, practicing magicians knew, that when evil goes unpunished, the natural harmony of being is disturbed. In this case, the only way out of this situation is to appeal to the omnipresent magical powers in order to restore justice and punish those responsible with the help of a curse.

To perform certain rituals, it’s necessary to use a kind of "binding" - a material object with which the victim will enter into physical contact. Another way to punish an enemy is to leave this object in a house (or on the threshold) of the victim. Pins, needles, earth from a cemetery, photographs, salt, and other objects that may carry a negative program are often used as a binding. More sophisticated methods of a curse may involve a manufacture of a volt (a Voodoo doll). Such a volt should be brought into the rapport with the victim, and then pierced with needles, burned or buried in accordance with all corresponding rituals. Such a method brings the most devastating results.

Never try to restore justice using magic, spells and conspiracies by your own. Thus, you risk bringing harm not only to yourself, but also to your loved ones, and completely innocent people may suffer. For your own safety, it will be the best to turn to a professional magician who, thanks to his knowledge, may correctly apply spells and conspiracies against enemies, and will help you punish a real offender. As a result of correct magical actions of the magician, your offender will be severely punished and justice will prevail!

Here is my advice: I strongly recommend to be vigilant and keep both eyes open. Never give out your belongings, especially your photos. Give only new things as a gift, and not those that you have used for a long time, or which caught your guest’s fancy. Some people may dislike you, hiding it very carefully. There are people who never take off their masks, and nobody has seen their true faces. Behave towards others with distrust. This is not the worst advice of a magician. Your own things may be used against you.

Self-taught people, who want to curse somebody on their own, without having skills in magic, are always trying to get some personal things of the target carrying his or her energy, or the last photo, trying to take a picture where the victim is alone, persuading him or her to pose, or taking a photo on the quiet. If somebody want to curse you, do not even hesitate that your photo will be pierced with needles, covered in wax or buried.


And now a couple of questions from my readers.

Hello, my name is Alla. I would like to ask what kinds of curse do you use? And how quickly does the curse begin to act?

There are many curses, as well as its techniques, but whatever the type, it has the only one function – to destruct. I practice the following curses:

• on loneliness,

• on illness,

• on marriage destruction,

• on infertility,

• on relationships,

• on impotence,

• on money or property,

• on business,

• on fornication,

• on fear.

The curse never starts immediately. Like a lump of black energy, it implants in the human biofield smoothly, destroying its protection, and it may take weeks or months.

- How long does the curse last?

It may differ depending on the situation. The curse on illness - until the onset of the illness, other types of curse – until their removal. It’s very naïve and absolutely groundless to think that "it will disappear by itself". Until the curse is removed, its negative energy program will work.


Stay well, and stay safe!


Magician Helena

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