Principles and rules for request foe magic assistance

Principles and rules for request foe magic assistance

Dear visitors and followers of my blog,

Many times I have tried to explain the rules of customer’s behavior during magic works, aimed at obtaining the desired result, as well as to explain a fact that it’s impossible to give a guarantee that a magic will happen. It’s even have no sense to write about it, as usually nobody reads it. Nonetheless, here are these rules:

1.      To be aware that you are addressing a magician for assistance according to your own conscious decision, and that the observation of these rules will allow to obtain a desired result faster and more efficiently.

2.       A rule of faith or trust. By addressing a magician, you automatically express your confidence in a magic itself, in a master to whom you have addressed, and in a processes that he will launch. You will tell the universe and its forces: “YES I believe that a magician will help me, that the forces will help to obtain my goal!” Also I would like to make a reference to faith and church. When you are addressing St. Matrona or St. Nicholas the Sinner, you believe that these saints will help you, you trust, and you don’t allow your faith to weaken. A person screaming at the altar about fraud or charlatanry, will be kicked out of a church and declared a blasphemer without any discussion. Such situation has never happened. Nobody has ever heard about it. It’s clear for everyone that a church is a faith. If you don’t believe, then there is no reason to go to a church and to pray. Moreover, the Lord may even punish an atheist for blasphemy.

          The situation with the magic is different. It’s considered normal, when a customer comes to a magician with dishonor and accusation in charlatanry, even in the process of his work. Then, such a customer, being sure that he is right, will wait for a desirable result, without any trust that it may be obtained. And what about the forces, which were attracted to help you? Of course, they will not be happy at all. It’s said in the Bible: “According to your faith, be it into you”. Why have you decided, that in a case of magic everything will be different? The laws are completely the same as in the church. The faith again and again. St. Matrona will never give you a guarantee that you will give birth to a baby during this year, in an exact day and time. You should just ask for help, and believe. The best things come to those who don’t give up. In case of magic there are the same rules. We are not a store, where you should receive a vase of exactly the same color as was ordered and in the same terms as were established in your order. All terms are relative. Everything depends on your attitude and faith. It’s impossible to grant you a desired result without your own trust. That is why there is a concept of “non-acceptance of a result by a customer”.

3.       If you have started to work with the master, you should continue to work with him. It’s very important, especially in some difficult cases, to proceed working with your master, and not running around and looking for other specialists. Constant analysis of the same situation by different masters with their own attitude and view may cause damage to the whole process. It’s not so important, when a case is quite simple. But when a situation is difficult, it may eliminate a result and your faith as well. That is why it’s important to observe this rule, as this is a question of the trust.

4.       Don’t bother your master every five minutes. Fight with your nerves. Magic is a hard work, and the process may take some time. A magician always tries to assist a customer and to provide him with a psychological support.  Unfortunately, sometimes customer forgets that he is not sole, and that the master has to work with others, and to find time to read and reply his messages, which he may send even 50 a day, to listen his all day round hysterics and demands of attention. So, when should a master perform his work? Such a behavior may also lead to a bad result, and/or to increase a period of its receipt.

5.       This is a final rule. All you need is just to let the situation go, and to completely distract from it. Try to be patient, just believe and trust. Try to live and believe that everything will be good, work with your mood and spiritual growth, the level of your happiness and joy. A master will teach you how to do it, he will definitely give you some techniques and exercises which may help.

Remember, the harder the case is, the more unpredictable is the period, and the more important is to believe in your master. If a good reference list of your master, and his previous experience are not an argument for you, it will be better not to address to a magic at all. If you don’t believe in a magic, or if your trust to magicians has disappeared, you may never obtain a desired result.

Be honest with yourself, trust in your own decisions and desires, and you will get what you want.

Yours faithfully,



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