The ritual of debt repayment

The ritual of debt repayment

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Hello, dear visitors of my site and my regular readers! My name is Elena, I am a professional magician, healer and clairvoyant with more than 15 years of experience. In this article, I would like to highlight such a topic as the Ritual of debt repayment.

At any moment we risk facing a financial crisis, which forces us to borrow. But it can be extremely difficult to get this money back, even if you work in several places and save a hell of a lot. If you find yourself in such a terrible situation, then we suggest that you come up with a Ritual to repay the debt.

Unfortunately, there are people who, taking advantage of a person's trust, borrow money, and then do not give it back. In the Holy Books, even the Lord mentions such a sin as non-repayment of debts, and says that unpaid debts on earth (in the Material World) will be collected a hundredfold at another time (i.e. in the Spiritual World after the death of the body).

In addition, there are a lot of methods in magic not only to punish the offender, but also tough ways to repay debts.

There are many ways. And they are different in complexity, and in work. These methods also work in different ways, depending on the Guardian Angels of the debtor and the victim. It is not difficult to influence the other, you just need to unleash three forces on him: anguish, remorse of the soul (conscience) and fear. But sometimes it is necessary to act tough. This makes it harder for the master to work, and the debtor is sick, suffering. But the master must be careful not to cause complications for the culprit. It is necessary to start with a weak remedy. If the debtor is a man, they start doing it on men's day, i.e. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. For a woman - on women's day, i.e. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

If a person has not returned the borrowed money for a long time, the reason may be both in his bad faith, and in forgetfulness or difficult circumstances. Whatever it is connected with, but the repayment of the debt can be accelerated with the help of some rituals from white magic. Now learn more about how to do this.

How to repay a debt with magic?

Rituals designed to repay the funds owed imply the same thing as most other rituals – the impact on human consciousness.

The debtor, under the influence of conspiracies, eventually returns everything. Much depends on the power of the ritual. If he is weak, the debtor remembers his transgression, he may be overcome by remorse. He will repay the debt, but it will not happen tomorrow, it may take a long time for the issue to be resolved.

To repay the debt soon, you should resort to stronger methods or contact a specialist who will solve your problem safely and in a short time.

They not only affect the debtor's consciousness, but also form circumstances and situations that accelerate the return of money, send him failures and all sorts of reminders.

But you don't need to cut from the shoulder. Before seeking the help of a magic specialist, and magic in general, it is necessary to clarify for what reason the debt has not yet been paid.

If a person is completely healthy, capable, simply ignores duty, takes time, or even hides altogether, then magic will be the most effective solution.

But what if the debtor is ill or faced with a disaster that takes away all funds, and there are sad objective reasons for non-repayment of the debt now? Then it is better to temporarily abandon conspiracies and rituals or postpone them for a while, enter into the position of a person and return to this issue later.

A few tips

Before turning to rites and rituals, you should firmly remember some rules: 1. No black magic, only white. Black magic is extremely dangerous for both sides, especially if it is used by a completely inexperienced person. 2. It is necessary to carry out a conspiracy only on the arriving moon. 3. The standard plot involves the pronunciation of a small text composed according to esoteric patterns. 4. If the conspiracy worked and the debt is returned, you need to mentally thank the debtor. At least by praying for him in church. It is not necessary to keep anger in yourself further, the person has redeemed the guilt in full. Gratitude will remove all negative energy, which will benefit both sides. 5. If you are worried, afraid or unsure of something, then trust a specialist.

After repayment of the debt

When the borrower has repaid his debt, he must be thanked. Let the wait be long, it brought a lot of unpleasant emotions, but it is important to always remain human.

A good relationship with the debtor does not necessarily have to be preserved, but to continue to hold a grudge against him and anger is certainly not necessary – it will only hurt yourself and corrode from the inside.

The borrowed funds have been returned, the incident has been successfully exhausted, which means that this situation needs to be let go and move on.

Now you know a little more what a debt repayment ritual is. If you have any financial questions or the ritual itself is not clear, then write or call me, I am always in touch.

Be careful and take care of yourself! With love and best wishes, your Elena from Barcelona!

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