Black Wedding

Black Wedding

That's where I'd like to start this story. How important is true love in the life of absolutely everyone? A person in love is happy and elated, everything works out for him, and every minute of life is filled with meaning. And what to do if you love, but your feelings are not mutual? If you have already realized that you cannot attract the attention of your chosen one? And when the traditional ways to attract attention are exhausted, it's the turn of love magic. The most reliable way is to turn to an expert for help and not miss your chance for happiness. In my experience and in practice, one of the most powerful love spells is the "Black Wedding" ceremony, which allows you to bind people to each other for life. And in general, the spell is one of many quite popular magical services in today's modern world.

Black wedding is a binary spell. It is held at the cemetery or in other related places, necessarily at night, since its magical influence goes immediately to both partners, binding their destinies forever. Feelings, distance, former or current relationships and attachments are not important for this ceremony, and you will also need a minimum of items – the magician will do everything for you. After it is held, two people will never part - they are destined to be together, and even in quarrels or when parting, they will return to each other again and again.

The spell "Black Wedding" is also considered in some countries that it is a Christian rite "on the contrary". In this case, instead of the angel of heaven, the oath is heard by the archangel of death, some demon or Death itself. And the "caretakers" who will guard his or her will are the souls of deceased people, which the Magician calls to work during the ceremony. Sometimes, instead of the souls of the dead, some spirits or demons of the lower hierarchies are entrusted to guard the love union.

This ritual has almost no drawbacks. And provided that it will be conducted by a true and professional magician who owns black magic - this rite is completely safe. A couple of advantages of this rite that I would like to highlight, and so that you know:

• Thanks to this magical effect, you can completely avoid cheating;

• This ritual cuts off from the couple any other love options that could eventually enter their lives.

* The ritual will help to create an easy, sexual relationship without obligations;

• And subsequently conclude a happy and lasting marriage;

* To return the passion, love and respect of the husband (wife), to ward off all separators forever;

• And the most important thing is to get rid of loneliness and forget forever what it is.

Now I will try to reveal a little how this rite is performed, so that you understand what its features and nuances are, why it is not worth doing it yourself. Speaking in general terms, the specialist himself finds two graves in the cemetery — with names similar to those of the partners who need to be connected. And then summons the souls of the people buried in them to guard this love union. These dead souls will stay with lovers all their lives, their task is to protect the union from disintegration, but, of course, by their own methods, which are not always pleasant for an ordinary person. If both partners take the oath at a regular church wedding, with black, most often only one of the couple does it — the one who is the customer. However, sometimes the oath is pronounced by both partners, but this happens very rarely. In general, as long as the couple's relationship is in order, nothing terrible will happen to these people. But if quarrels, scandals begin, or someone wants to leave, the soul guards will not let this happen. This happens because both partners at the energy level seem to be one whole, and the whole can exist only in unity. The task of the dead souls is not to let the union fall apart. And to maintain this connection, they can use a variety of methods.

Therefore, when you come to me and decide on this ritual, you need to understand important things. First of all, it's forever! You need to choose a person to whom your feelings are sincere, with whom you really want to hang out all your life. Secondly, the ritual affects the lives of both people, changing it dramatically - it affects all spheres of life without exception. And the most important point is that the Black Wedding ritual will work only when the person from whom the request came sincerely believes in black magic! There must be a strong flow of energy, it is he who is directed by the magician in the right direction with the help of black magic!  

By itself, black magic has existed for a long time and the black wedding spell was created in parallel with magic. This is a rite of unprecedented power. The real black magic that affects the deepest layers of the subconscious and reshapes human destiny, sometimes beyond recognition. From now on, he will never look to the left and will not have a relationship with any other person. Isn't that what many girls and women dream of? And sometimes a man, even though they are far from magic, their subconscious is simply not able to pick up the vibrations of such frequencies. And so that you understand, the true meaning of this love spell is to be together until the end of days, and so that even death could not separate. This spell is suitable for you if you are unrequited in love with some person or if the other half has left you. With the help of a love spell, the object of your love will soon (from 6 to 15 days) and very much fall in love with you and will no longer pay attention to anyone else.  

Finally, my good ones, I would like to tell you this, all the data about the black wedding are kept in the strictest secrecy and are inherited. Try to find at least a truthful scheme of the rite in the public domain — you will not find it. Internet sites and forums are full of questions about how to properly conduct this ritual, what consequences can come for it, how such a binding will work. But the paradox is that you will not find a real technique that describes in detail the entire procedure of actions. I can assure you, since a real Magician will never put such a ritual into general use and all instructions, recipes, etc. are fakes, so be careful. Flirting with higher powers is dangerous. Do not try to get in touch with the invisible world without experience and a mentor, without having magical gifts. Without having a certain skill, you should not even try to do something yourself. You won't succeed. And what is worse, improper handling of black magic can lead to serious and sometimes terrible consequences for the one who decided to conduct the ritual. You can destroy your destiny, and in addition, the fate of the person to whom the ritual was directed. Your loved one may get hurt! From the mere thought of this, every sane person should have no doubts about turning to a real professional, a true magician who is able to control black magic, subordinate it and negotiate with it. Now you know what a Black wedding is and its features. Be careful and take care of yourself, all happiness and love.  

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