Double-sided lapel and what it is

Double-sided lapel and what it is

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Today I would like to reveal a little the subject of the turn-away spell, namely, to tell about the bilateral turn-away spell.

The turn-away spell has a magical effect opposite to the love spell. This technique aimed at destruction of emotional and physical connection in a couple. In addition, magical impact aimed at a denial of any bad habit, are also called turn-away spell. Most often, the turn-away spells are casted on a mistress, a wife, smoking or alcohol. In addition, there are situations when a turn-away spell is required on friends, parents, etc. Turn-away spells change the attitude of the person towards the chosen one so much that his feelings may turn from attraction to a complete antipathy.

The strongest turn-away spells belong to the black magic. They are also called "bilateral turn-away spells": when the object of impact completely loses interest in the chosen one and no longer wants to be near him or her. The most popular rituals of turn-away spells are on a mistress. Magic rituals allowing to turn-away a man from all women, except the witch herself, are used quite often.


What is the purpose of a turn-away spell?

The bilateral turn-away spell is the strongest and most powerful ritual. Turn-away divination has saved a lot of lives and families. It doesn’t allow a person to break his fate because of an incorrectly chosen spouse.

Turn-away spells are requested mostly by women who have a rival. The ritual is especially important when a mistress has set her sights on a married man. Then a wife may make a turn-away spell and return the spouse to the family. But remember that the turn-away spell is the last chance to correct the situation when other, not magical ways, don’t work. Magic should not be a first-aid method, it should be saved for the last one, because interactions with subtle matters can’t still without a trace for anyone, especially if this ritual is carried out not by a professional magician, but was made by oneself.

An another important point should be mentioned here. Many unfair magicians instead of a love spell may perform a ritual of submission or making a zombie. Such an approach is not good, although at the beginning it may seem that it works very effectively. It may seem that the wish was achiever - the beloved one was returned almost immediately! However, neither the first nor the second rituals can replace the love. A man, subordinated to your will, will never love you. On the contrary, without being fully aware of what the reason is, he will only irritate himself with his forced position and will start to hate you. During the time, his hate will become stronger and stronger, and one day the ritual will lose its effect. In the case of zombies, the situation is not much better. He will never be the same person you dreamed of – inert, without emotions, with a broken will. As a rule, zombie people begin to wither, lose interest in life and others. Do you really need such a result?

That is why in love affairs you should contact only a proven specialist who knows all the subtleties of rituals and will offer you exactly what you want.

If parents are against the choice of their child, then the turn-away spell may help. Thus you may remove from the life of your offspring the undesirable chosen one. After all, life is a complicated thing: your child may fall in love with a criminal, a drug addicted person, an alcoholic, and in a fit of feelings not to see what his or her beloved really is.

It’s possible to carry out a turn-away spell for an unrequited lover. Such a situation is quite common: a person falls in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate at all. Instead of suffering for a long time, trying to forget the chosen one, it will be better to perform a magical ritual, so that unwanted feelings would stop as soon as possible, and the lover could continue to live quietly and meet a worthy corresponding partner.

If a love spell was imposed on your chosen one, then the turn-away spell will remove its effect. Of course, such rituals are the most difficult, they require experience and maximum concentration, but in the struggle for the soulmate all means are good.

The most difficult turn-away rituals should be used in the event that a love spell was imposed on a person and it was necessary to remove the effect of such magic. The difficulty is in the fact that initially a special spell should be performed for diagnosis, and it may be performed by an experienced magician only. The turn-away spell may be used both against an existing love spell, or a sex love spell.

 Love, family, and children are real treasures for which you need to fight with all the forces you have. And, if a rival or a mistress appears who wishes to take your legitimate spouse and a father of your children away from the family, or his wife and mother, in such a situation the use of the white magic is quite a necessary thing.

If the feelings of the spouses have ended, and they have started to look for a new love, then a combination of a turn-away spell from possible pretenders and a love spell for feelings renewal for the spouse may be appropriate.

And the most important thing is that everything should look absolutely natural, without any excessive emotions. The turn-away spell shouldn’t be spontaneous, and shouldn’t create the effect of the interference from the outside. Everything should be “like in life”: when the relationship has begun to gradually decline, people have cooled off towards each other and have left, without any anger, hurt or regrets. At the same time any omission may give rise to a negative effect, leading to the feelings of guilt and depression, which may poison your family life. Approximately the same sense of the omission may cause a spontaneous break, with scandals and mutual claims. To avoid it, you have to apply only to a proven expert in this field, to a professional magician, who understands the peculiarities of people's relationships.


How does the turn-away spell work?

The turn-away spell causes a series of reactions that can be described in general as a sharp cooling of the feelings. The main effects of the ritual are:

- Yesterday, a person was very dear to ones’ heart, and today he doesn’t cause any emotions, a complete indifference starts to develop.

- A sexual desire is missing. Although a couple was full of passion until recently.

- Partners start quarreling and arguing over trifles that are not worth a jigger. Reciprocal accusations and offenses may destroy a couple quite quickly. Although everything seemed to be rosy until recently.

- Unrequited love suddenly disappears.

- Sex no longer delivers a joy. Moreover, a sense of pain may appear.


Now a couple of questions from my readers.

- I want to cast a bilateral turn-away spell by myself. Please tell about the consequences which may arise if something goes wrong?

I have an extremely negative attitude to it, and would like to alert you from performing the ritual by your own.

The consequences of a wrong ritual may be the following:

- A person feels lifeless, apathy, and loses the interest in everything. Moreover, such a performed ritual will not guarantee that, for example, the husband will immediately return to his wife, who has casted such a spell. On the contrary, he may get involved in a bad company, start drinking, and seek adventures for his own misfortune.

- Suddenly missing feelings may cause depression, alcohol drinking, drug addiction.

- If you cast a spell against a mistress, a man may become aggressive, and came to blows.

- Money may begin to run out from your wallet very quickly. Having a desire to close the black hole in the soul that was made on the site of the recent feeling, a person don’t care on his spending, goes on a spree, gets into loans, enjoys gambling.

- A turn-away spell may damage health, causing serious diseases, including oncology.

- A l turn-away spell made on the entire female gender except the witch herself may cause an impotence of a man on whom such a spell was casted.


Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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