Love spell or manipulation with a partner?

Love spell or manipulation with a partner?

A love triangle is a quite common situation. In most cases, a man runs around like a mad between two women, his wife and a mistress. And very often he may tell: “I can’t abandon her. She attracts me. She has put a spell on me.” A wife may trust her husband, tolerate, and wait for a miracle, or she may address to psychics and ask them to remove such a love spell. Many often she may get a reply that her husband is not under an impact of a love spell. And in such a situation she doesn’t know what to do, as on the contrary the husband says that “it was a magic, a love spell”.  In such a case it’s important to know, that a person who is under an impact of a love spell will never recognize it. The same as insane will never recognize his mental disease, or an alcoholic will never recognize his addiction.

Love spell is a black magic, a ritual carrying a negative to both the customer and the object of a spell.

Such a ritual is aimed at suppressing human will. He starts to feel attraction of a customer. It’s very important not to mix up an attraction with the love. He fills as in a fog, he apprehends that he has to be together with this lady, but he will never tell that he has a spell on himself.  He starts to hate his spouse and run away from her. He doesn’t want to hear her, and may even turn away from relatives.

Very often he begins to drink alcohol, or becomes ill. Love spell is a black magic and it could be very dangerous. An energetic ritual is much more complicated, but is safe and has no side effects.

We may make a conclusion, that if you hear from your partner that he has a spell on him, don’t believe him.  It’s just a manipulation of a person who wants to have a mistress, and at the same time to stay in the family. A person who lives for himself is ready to invent any reason. Most likely he has no feelings for a long time, but wants to keep a family and a stability. It may be quite convenient for such a man to have both a wife and a mistress. He says that he loves his children, and can’t leave his wife due to the children. So, he may invent many reasons, but still pursuing his own interests. You should decide yourself if you want to spend your life with such a man. Everybody should live his own life. It may be very convenient to still believe in fairy tales, but it’s better to understand what is really happening, and being able to distinguish the truth from fictions.

Only a person with a special ability may determine that he is under a magic impact. But a person for whom such a reason may help to keep his comfortable existence may just invent it. Don’t let yourself be deceived. If there are any suspicions or doubts, just contact me via a chat room for a consultation. I will help you set things right again.

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