Runic spell

Runic spell

Hello, dear visitors of my site and my regular readers! My name is Elena, I am a professional magician, healer and clairvoyant with more than 15 years of experience. In this article I would like to highlight the topic of the runic spell.

To begin with, let's figure out what a spell and runes are in principle. The concept of a love spell has recently been invested in a fairly wide range of concepts. These are prisuhi, and bindings, love and sexual conspiracies, drugging, feeding, love calls, information of roads and destinies, egilets and much more. If we consider the spell from the point of view of magic, then it is primarily a magic program, the purpose of which is to cause dependence in another person. This dependence can be expressed both in a friendly or partner plan, and have sexual overtones.

Now let's figure out what runes are. Runes are the most powerful magical tool that has reached the modern world from ancient times. They represent the elongated and angular letters of the ancient Germans, the ancestors of the modern English, Dutch, Germans, Danes, Norwegians and Swedes. Such special signs can be used in various rituals, including during love spells.

Each rune has its own energy and vibration, which at a subconscious level affect a person. If you perform the ritual with runes correctly, then you can direct the entire flow to the fulfillment of the desired. To create a strong runic spell, use combinations of runes. At the same time, the interpretation depends directly on the area of interest.

In order to make it easier to understand the essence of the love spell, let's consider its action separately. I think everyone knows what the chakras (energy centers of the human body) are. There are seven of them, conditionally they are located along the human spine, and they are engaged in converting the energy of the Cosmos and the Earth in such a way as to balance and harmonize them in the body. I propose to consider how the spell can affect each of the chakras.

1. Muladhara. The object of influence does not notice anyone except the one to whom he was enchanted. 2. Svadhisthana. Suppression of sexual attraction to anyone other than the performer (customer) of the spell. 3. Manipura. Suppression of willpower, deprivation of self-esteem and pride. 4. Anahata. Managing such a feeling as love. You can try to direct love to the performer (customer) of the love spell, but, as a rule, this leads to the fact that the object of the effect is generally deprived of this feeling. 5. Vishudha. All the thoughts and dreams of the object are only about who enchanted him. 6. Ajna. The enchanted person thinks that the performer (customer) of the spell is his destiny. 7. Sahasrara. The object closes its connection with Cosmic energy, and it becomes dependent on the energy of the one who enchanted it. Thus, as we can see, the impact on Svadhisthana and Manipura is mandatory.

The effect on the other chakras is carried out depending on the goals of the spell, as well as on the skills of the performer.

Also, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the runic spell refers to fast-acting rituals. And the main factor of its success is a properly formulated formula, so you need to carefully study and know all the runes. You can strengthen the runic spell with the help of visy - special words that express the meaning of the ritual and its purpose. Visa will be good from the point of view of runic magic if she correctly formulates the intention and clearly sets the task for working runes. So, you can take ready-made vises from specialized literature, but in this case, vises that are compiled independently will be more effective. Your request to the Higher Powers should be very precisely formulated in them. Such a request should be fully combined with the meaning contained in the written rune formula.

The most optimal days for the ritual are Monday and Friday (Freya's day and Frigga's day, respectively). To enhance the effect of the love spell, the ritual should be planned for the 21st or 22nd days of the lunar month.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are certain rules for conducting a runic spell: 1. The object of the spell must be a person with whom you are personally familiar; 2. The ritual itself should be conducted in a good and balanced mood; 3. Immediately before the ritual, it is necessary to endure a three-day fast; 4. Conspiracies with vises can be pronounced in any form, but it is highly desirable to observe the poetic form; 5. For a successful result during the ritual, it is necessary to visualize the image of a person, for this it is best to use a photo, a piece of clothing or household items.

In addition, it is worth noting that the runic spell has its own characteristics. First of all, a strong and fast action, but only if performed correctly. Therefore, it is so important to first get acquainted with the principles of rune magic and learn the visualization method, which contributes to the success of love rituals and the duration of their action.

Now you know what a runic spell is and the rules for its conduct.

Be careful and take care of yourself! With love and best wishes, your Elena from Barcelona!

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