Healing and wax casting

Healing and wax casting

Dear visitors and subscribers of my web-site http://rus.mag-salon.ru,

Today, together with my colleagues we will open for you the world of healing and wax casting, and will be glad to share our experience.

Wax casting is the best available method to help yourself, and to clean your energy from foreign influence. What may be removed through wax casting? It may be an informational influence on your energy, like curse, evil eye or fear; or energy disorders, like neurological disturbance or stress; or even depression, which may last for ages, and may even progress to serious mental illness.

It is almost impossible to remove through wax casting a killing curse, a curse made in a church on in a cemetery, prenatal fright, malediction, and the crown of celibacy. Such types of energy and informational influence require as much knowledge and experience, as was necessary to impose them. It means that a person without special training and qualifications cannot remove them. It is necessary to understand the nature of such an influence, and to possess a special ability of inner vision and a corresponding experience to remove them.

There are many methods of the removal of external negative influence. Let us talk about wax casting. This method may be suitable for the beginners who want to help themselves.

Human subtle energy bodies are embedded in each other, like nesting dolls, and interpenetrate each other. The thinner the body is, the more energetically saturated it is, and the more important it is for human energy and information system functioning. The existence and vital activity of our physical body depend on the functioning of all our subtle bodies. The spiritual and energetic structure of a person is a 16-dimensional pod that exists outside time and space, and looks like nine rotating clots resembling a gammadion by its shape. All internal pods (like in nesting dolls) interact both with each other and with three worlds of Yav (World of the living), Nav (World of spirits and souls), and Prav (World of Gods), and are collected into energetic and spiritual cross in the image of God. The symbol of cross was adopted by Christians from the Old Believers, and was cut off below with a dash (it was cut off of the femininity, and this is why we have the patriarchy). The spiritual energy center consists of 144 auxiliary gammadions, 37 general and 9 largest. So, when we perform a wax casting, we are interacting just with these nine centers.

This cross fills our Soul, Spirit and Body with the life force of the God, and with the energy, which fills the entire Universe. If there are negative changes in any of these subtle bodies of a person, then these changes will affect all subtle bodies and, of course, the physical body.

Wax is a living substance that during solidification tends to restore the inherent form of arrangement of all molecules – the hexagon.

Water is an informational mobile substance capable to receive and transmit any information, including the information carried by subtle bodies of a person.

When you pour a melted wax into water, it gets the information from it, or rather through the water from the subtle human bodies (most often from astral and etheric bodies). When the wax is melted again, it loses this information and evaporates it. By reciting conspiracies, prayers or mantras while melting wax, you destroy all the negative information.

For those who are interested in healing and wax casting our group of specialists has launched a corresponding online course. 

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! And remember the pledge of strong relationships is trust, care and understanding.

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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