Hello dear visitors of my site   and my regular readers. Today we will touch upon such an interesting and common topic as Parapsychology and teaching in this direction.

Modernization of consciousness today is a training course for those who are not indifferent to their future!

It is believed that the history of parapsychology began in the 19th century, when the Societies for Psychical Research were established in Great Britain and the United States. To be precise, it happened in 1882 in London. Since then, numerous similar organizations have been created and then disintegrated in many countries. According to the calculations of parapsychologists in the early 1970s. there were more than 240 laboratories and societies in 30 countries (most in the USA). It is believed that one of the founders of parapsychology is the American psychologist and philosopher William James. The London Society for Parapsychological Research included philosophers, scientists, teachers, politicians. They conducted research on such phenomena as telepathy, hypnosis, clairvoyance, spiritualism, etc. One of the Society's main achievements was the census of the population believed to have suffered hallucinations, which correlated with the experience of seeing ghosts. This can be considered the first scientific study of the paranormal, using statistical data.

Among the parapsychological experiments, one of the most famous is the study of psychic abilities or intuition. As a rule, the subject must guess the correct answers - this can be the color of the back of the displayed card, hidden numbers or letters, etc. If the number of correct or incorrect answers exceeds the average, it is concluded that the person has increased intuition. The task of the researcher is to find and fix exactly those states of the subject when intuitive knowledge is manifested to the greatest extent: it can be stress, or vice versa, a meditative state. As mentioned above, the difficulty in using the scientific approach in this lies in the fact that these states are individual for each person, and, in addition, can be very fleeting.

The phenomenon of parapsychology has been actively reflected in culture - one can recall many literary and film works dedicated to scientists who, in the course of research and experiments, try to discover the essence of numerous mysterious phenomena. The following books by Stanislav Groff "A Journey in Search of Oneself" and Boris Sakharov "Opening the Third Eye" can be attributed to striking examples from the literature. I recommend them, both to my future students and to doubting clients for the future understanding of what parapsychology is. These books will be an excellent foundation before starting my Parapsychology course and will help you learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings and desires. Of course, there are plenty of other interesting literature that you can find on the Internet.

It is also important to understand that the serious future prospects of parapsychological science are based on two components: - the general development of technical and scientific tools, which makes it possible to record and investigate processes that were previously inaccessible to scientists; - a dead end in which the official science enters, the absence of breakthrough directions, as a result of which more and more attention is paid to alternatives, one of which is parapsychology. If it can justify the hopes placed on it, then the 21st century has every chance of becoming the century of the triumph of parapsychological research.

Psychology is the key to solving many problems that arise along the way. By understanding the essence of human consciousness and behavior, you can control all the processes that happen to us. Parapsychology is the highest degree of ordinary psychology, a science at the final frontier, the purpose of which is not just to study consciousness, but to expand it, modernize and improve it, radically change the mentality of a person to increase its effectiveness. How to understand this science?

My whole life is one bright journey. I am the owner of the original gift of clairvoyance, which was inherited by me. She repeatedly studied spiritual practices in Tibet and India. I am also a magician, psychic and parapsychologist who, in just 1 training course in Parapsychology, will teach you to understand, improve and expand your consciousness to open new horizons of your life! The course includes 8 structured directions with constant feedback from me: bioenergetics and training, extrasensory perception and training, clairvoyance and training, healing and training, white magic and training, dowsing and training, reincarnation of the soul and karma, fulfillment of desires. As we could already understand, this course will be very rich and informative. You will get a lot of pleasure, impressions and emotions from the atmosphere that we will create together with you in our lessons.

What I can give you can be divided into two parts. Firstly, this is what I myself once studied, and in adulthood. If I could, so can you. Secondly, this is what I discovered and invented myself in the process of working with both students and patients. So, this is what you get from me first-hand.

What does this course give? The course "Parapsychology" is an opportunity for any person, regardless of gender, age and profession, in a short time: - learn the basics of parapsychology; - change the format of consciousness and perception;- eliminate blocks of mind that prevent you from becoming a leader and achieving goals; - make your life happy, carefree and easy; - show extrasensory abilities; - learn about unique developmental technologies for working with the subconscious and conscious parts of the personality; - learn to understand the thinking and perception of other people; - to study effective lessons on different topics: physical and spiritual condition, personal life, material sphere, relationships, work, creative sphere, position in society, personal growth.

Below I have described for you what Parapsychology consists of.

Bioenergy will make you feel healthy and protected. This is one of the ways to help people overcome ailments, difficult life situations. The bioenergetic method of healing people involves the influence of the healer on the subtle planes, as well as cleansing the energy sheaths of a person from accumulations of negative energy and parasitic entities, removing damage and the evil eye. The whole essence of bioenergetic healing lies in transferring the energy of the healer to the patient.

Extrasensory perception - to receive any information without using the senses. People with extrasensory abilities can see the auras of living beings and various objects, as well as adjust biofields. In practice, such abilities are most in demand in the field of healing, as well as the search for lost people and things. They often resort to the help of psychics to remove negative programs - the crown of celibacy, damage, the evil eye, etc.

Clairvoyance - diagnose, view the past and future, and more. This is a unique gift that allows you to receive objective information about the existing world, regardless of the time distance. People who have clairvoyance look outwardly like ordinary people. They are able to see in space and in time. Seeing in space means seeing scenes, or actions, taking place or being inaccessible far away.

Healing is to heal people on different planes, from etheric to mental and causal (karmic). A real healer is a conductor of "Divine energy" that heals people. He redistributes it with his hands. In such treatment, the patient's attitude towards the healer and the treatment itself is also very important. Trust is important here, a strong belief that this method will help cure the disease. This is necessary in order to mobilize the body, distract it from the disease and set it up for recovery.

White magic - easily and permanently remove evil eyes, damage, curses, programs of bad luck, loneliness, lack of money and much more. These are some actions that bring results, but the force with which this result is achieved is light. Hence the name. It is rather not even magic, but an appeal to God, to divine, church power through all-night services, prayers and vigils.

Dowsing - working with frames and pendulums. The method of obtaining information from the subtle world. With the help of such instruments as a pendulum or a dowsing frame, we can receive information from the subtle planes of existence and from the information bank of the Universe called the Universe or the Akashic Chronicle.

Karmic therapy - accordingly, eliminate karmic problems. Reincarnation is not the reincarnation of the Soul, but of the Spirit, since the Spirit is a structure that exists outside of time, and the Soul is a structure that has its own lifetime, calculated by the duration of this or that incarnation. During reincarnation, that is, during the reincarnation of the Spirit from one physical body to another, as a rule, a sex change occurs.

The fulfillment of desire is to control your own destiny. The art of thinking systematically. In order for a desire to come true, it is necessary to determine the system of your values and the system of your needs. ... They have a passionate dream of being needed, irreplaceable - and therefore this very desire comes true.

At the end of my course, you will receive an international certificate of training in our school for the course "Parapsychology" with the qualification "Parapsychologist".

If you are really interested in Parapsychology and you want to learn more deeply and study it from the perspective of starting to professionally use the acquired knowledge and skills, then the training course in Parapsychology in my performance will be even that exciting event for you. You can get acquainted and sign up for training at this link.


With love and best wishes, your Elena from Barcelona!

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