Tarot card online training

Tarot card online training

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Today my fellow colleagues would like to help you discover the topic of Tarot cards and their potential.

Tarot system is like a layer-cake. In order to get a cake you need to put various elements of the system layer by layer, and fortunetelling itself will be a decoration, like a beautiful rose.

How to choose a Tarot deck?

The first thing you need is to choose a deck. Since you have decided to study tarot divination, we advise you to choose a popular deck you may find a lot of information about, and having simple Tarot symbols that are easy to understand at a glance. Here we will refer to "Rider-Waite Tarot" and similar decks like "Universal Tarot", etc. Subsequently, when you master the system, you may change the deck to whatever you like.

Simplicity of the picture will be a hint for you if you completely forget the description of the interpreter. However, you need strictly following the interpreter only at the beginning.

Interpretation methods

Then you need to decide which interpretation method to choose. However, there are only two methods plus one subgenus, which may be regarded as the third one.

System method

When you have a specific system that you follow, and only thing you need to know to give an answer is the number and the suit of a card.

Intuitive method

When you look at a card and different pictures are born in your mind that you just verbalize.

Synthesis of system and intuitive methods

Over time, anyone who chooses the first method naturally will come to such a synthesis.

We advise you to use the third method, but, especially at the very beginning of your practice, you should rely on the first one. We are of the opinion that you want to know and understand the tarot system, and an effective tarot divination requires that the meaning of each card have to be in your subconscious. And, unfortunately, a simple memorizing of interpretations will not help here.

How to learn Tarot divination?

If you want to learn how to read Tarot cards, just start to do it right away. Try to ask any question that interests you, which is not too important, but you may already guess a right reply. Take out any card from the deck, look at the picture, and try to interpret it. Do not be afraid to make a mistake!

Then (and this is a milestone!) you should open the interpreter and read the description of this card. Pay attention to how precise you were in the description, and, of course, notice where you made a mistake. How close was your first interpretation to the real meaning of the card? Try to approach this analysis critically. Do not scold yourself for missing the value of the card!

Gradually you should add various elements of the system to the value of the card that you have learned and checked its meaning in the interpreter. Do you remember the analogy with a layer-cake? Let's check what layers it consists of!

The basics of Tarot divination. What is important to pay attention to?


It is considered that Tarot, astrology and alchemy are based on the concept of the elements. The minor arcana are divided into four elements. In order to understand Tarot, you have to learn the difference between these elements, and that such a difference is crucial. Fire - Wands, Earth - Pentacles, Air - Swords, Water – Cups. But be careful, in different Tarot systems such a correspondence may differ!

Theoretically, Fire and Air are considered active and masculine elements, and Water and Earth are feminine and passive. Water and Fire are emotional (Fire has external, and Water has internal emotionality); in turn, Earth and Air are intellectual or rational. You may find a description of these elements in any Tarot reference book. However, in order to learn Tarot card divination, it is important for the beginner to connect his or her book knowledge with the real experience, which may be gained with the help of our specialists.



From one to ten. What do we understand under the “one”? Just a figure? Ego? I? Self? Indivisible? Entire? Beginning? First, we suggest that you turn to your rich life experience and knowledge, and then study the interpreter, and, of course, you should correct your mistakes in understanding of the meaning like it was with the “one". Now you should pay attention not only on the suit of the card, but also on associations evoked by its image, as well as on its serial number.



What associations does the yellow color of a card evoke in you? Joy, sun, activity, energy, etc.? What characteristics does this color add to the value of the card? Try to do the same exercise with other colors.


Symbols, objects, plants and animals

Tarot is not a simple system. Very often, the knowledge was encrypted into one or another symbol that was not understandable to the uninitiated. However, we may read and understand the majority of symbols subconsciously. What associations do you have with grapes that is appearing on several cards? Fertility and wealth? What about dog? Now, when you see grapes or a dog on the card, just look into your subconscious mind, perhaps there is some information already there. Then read about this symbol either in the card description or in the encyclopedia of symbols.



From the Page to the King. The grade shown on the card corresponds the level of maturity of the character. In addition, the picture-card may express the features of the suit to which it belongs.

We may talk a lot about Tarot. We just tried to provide you the very basics of the Tarot cards divination.

If you have a real interest in Tarot cards, and you want to become a professional, please choose the Tarot Card Online Training from our specialists! We are sure that it will be very exciting for you!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Love them and be loved! And remember the pledge of strong relationships is trust, care and understanding.

Sincerely with love,

Magician Helena

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