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To sell a private apartment or office in the shortest time it’s necessary to use a strong ritual for quick sale of a real estate. Such a ritual will make possible to conclude a profitable transaction and get a desired amount.

A ritual for quick sale doesn’t differ from a business magic, the task of which is to open blocked money channels and attract financial prosperity.


Action and features of the ritual

The main feature of this ritual is that it doesn’t need additional energy feeding and repeat. In order to achieve a desired result, it will be enough to hold a ritual for quick sale just one time.

Depending on the experience of a magician, various ingredients and artifacts may be used to perform such a ritual, such as keys, sunflowers, symbolizing the sun, pins, salt, holy water, sugar, church candles.

To sell or to buy a property quickly and profitably, you should choose a right ritual and carefully make all the preparations.

Special spells are also used for such a ritual. Money magic fulfills any wishes of an experienced magician-practitioner. Actions of a magician may attract all kinds of blessings, luck and money.

It should be remembered that astral forces and natural elements aren’t interested in your motives. But only a person with a sincere belief in the heart and bright thoughts will be able to make a good deal and receive money quickly.

A favorable time for such rituals is the growing Moon. A magician also should choose a specific day and hour. Spells and rituals should be hold on the eve of negotiations on a deal, or a few days before it. A ritual and a spell are carried out directly at the site of a future sale.

An important condition: before the start of the ritual for quick sale, a magician must perform the ritual of property purification. A specialist determines a special program, depending on each individual case.

A ritual for quick sale of real estate is especially useful for:

  • owners of private apartments, houses, cottages, offices, retail, warehouse, administrative or industrial facilities;
  • realtors and their customers.

In what cases a ritual for a quick sale is necessary?

  • If you can’t sell your own or customer's property for a long time.
  • If no one pays attention to the announcement of the sale, there is a lack of interested people.
  • Buyers agree to inspect a facility, but can’t reach a deal.
  • Buyers don’t like the cost.


How to order a ritual?

You may order a service over the phone indicated on the site or over a corresponding feedback form. Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena helps both in-person and remotely.

A ritual for a quick sale of residential and commercial property refers to a business magic. Only an experienced magician who has a high degree of concentration and has deep knowledge of money magic can perform such a ritual.

My services include:

  • manufacturing, setting up and activating money attracting amulets;
  • the right choice of ritual for a quick sale of real estate;
  • preparation for a ritual;
  • spells for a successful sale or purchase of real estate.

Before the ritual, I study an astral map of a customer, I conduct diagnosis of an astral body of a person and the energy of an object. In some cases, a successful ritual may require a complete cleaning of a customer and a property from negative energy programs.

Why do people address me?

  • I guarantee the effectiveness of a ritual.
  • I work under an official contract having a legal force.
  • I provide assistance both in-person and remotely.
  • I have been working in the EU countries for more than 15 years.
  • Among my customers there are citizens from Europe and other countries.
  • I correct errors of unfair magicians.

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