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It is far from uncommon when a person's life depends on a trial, and he is innocent or the accusation initially contradicts the law. Unfortunately, the modern world is extremely unfair, and if you are not dealing with an ordinary person, or, for example, an official, then the court can be considered lost in advance.

Yes, in today's world, litigation is not a rare phenomenon. Lawsuits are not only in a criminal case, there may also be administrative violations. Each side wants to win in court. A magical plot will help to ensure this. I will tell you about all the features in the article.

Magic powers help

Usually they turn to a lawyer for a victory in court. An attentive employee will ensure such a result. But the services of good lawyers are expensive. In addition, the opponent may have the same strong defender.

Any problem is solved with the help of magic. You can enlist the support of higher powers by resorting to:

  • White magic that is directed at the plaintiff or defendant.
  • Black magic or Voodoo directed at the plaintiff or defendant.
  • Conspiracies towards the judge.
  • Defensive rituals that prevent the opponent from influencing you.

I strongly do not recommend resorting to the second point: black magic. So, you release negative energy into the world. And everything we give to this world comes back to us. Black creatures from the other world are constantly on the lookout for victims. And you shouldn't joke with them.

Plot preparation

White magic is divided into several categories of conspiracies. All of them help to win in court:

  • Prayer text. It is based on melody and contains a religious text. Most often it is an appeal to the saints.
  • A pagan spell. Plotting a positive outcome in court for a certain person. The spell is associated with ancient pagan prayer services. This is the process of calling the higher powers for help.
  • Combined – spells that combine pagan and prayer texts.

Preparation directly depends on the chosen text for reading the spell. The most difficult thing to cope with is a prayer reading. The preparation includes:

  • Fasting: complete rejection of meat, dairy, flour products and sweets. The deadline is one week.
  • Church attendance for seven days.
  • In the temple, put a candle for the health of the living and the repose of the dead loved ones. It is forbidden to put a candle for the repose of a living person. Especially if it's an opponent in court.
  • Repent on the last day of fasting – Sunday.
  • Wash your face with holy water every day.

A prayer plot will work in a baptized person. You must also be brought up in the Orthodox faith.


If you have not resorted to black magic, then there will be no consequences from the conspiracy. But it is worth understanding that any spell may not work. What are the reasons? There are many of them. But the most common are the mistakes made during the conspiracy. There are also other reasons:

  • The conspirator does not believe in the magic of words.
  • The man chose the wrong time and place for the conspiracy. If the conspiracy of white magic was read near a cemetery, hospital or other place with negative energy, it may not work.
  • The client must be in an optimal, physical and emotional state.
  • Incorrect pronunciation of words, use of symbols and objects. If you do not understand what this or that attribute means, then it is better not to take up the conspiracy.
  • Bad attitude towards the enemy.

Remember that a lawyer can be a true professional in his field, but this does not guarantee you victory in court.

Therefore, if you are not confident in your own abilities, then I recommend contacting me. I provide assistance in winning in court. During her practice, she helped dozens of people to win and get what they wanted. My plot to win in court has no consequences. I thoroughly understand the client's request and act competently. My spells are working in your favor!

Dear customers, I work personally and remotely. I am guaranteed to help you!

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