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Successful entering to a university and successful study guarantee a decent job, highly paid work, and a promotion on a career ladder in the future. It leads to a stable financial condition and a variety of benefits that improve the quality of life and allow to enjoy it.

But not everyone can be so lucky. Moreover, many believe that an education doesn’t matter, because there are a lot of examples when a person has achieved a lot without studying at a university. An experienced magician will reply that most probably a money magic was used in such cases.

Besides a positive influence on a financial situation, business magic can also help in finding a highly paid job and in a successful entry into a desired university. A specialist should conduct special rituals to achieve such a result.


An action of a ritual

The task of a magic ritual is to attract success into a school sphere of a student or a pupil. Such magic will be useful for:

  • pupils;
  • students;
  • those who wish to improve their qualifications.

How does business magic work?

  • It allows you to get rid of negative "block programs" that prevent you from achieving your goal.
  • It adjusts the energy field of the customer and the surrounding world around him on a positive way.

What result can we expect from a ritual?

  • successful entering to any educational institution (you will pull out a desired ticket on an exam, you will get trust and favor of teachers, etc.);
  • become more attentive, assiduous, purposeful, self-reliant;
  • even the most complex subjects, laboratory works, coursework, and practice will come you easy.

It’s important to remember that efforts will be required not only from a magical ritual, but also from pupils or students themselves. Amulets and spells will not get good marks instead of you, but they can charge with a positive energy, contribute to success and attract a good luck.

Depending on the magical practice, various ingredients, artifacts, and spells may be used to perform such a ritual. Ritual actions associated with salt, red wool thread, holy water and candles are very effective. To increase an impact of magical energy, talismans made of precious and semiprecious stones, metal, wood or personal items of a customer (buttons, pins, stationery), may be used.


How to order a ritual?

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to conduct for you or your child a ritual for successful entry into a university and successful study. To do this, simply call the phone indicated on tour site or fill out a feedback form.

Ritual for luck and success in study is connected with a money magic. To conduct such a ritual, I need to carefully study an astral body of a customer. If necessary, I perform a ritual of purification from negative energy programs that lead to bad luck in the learning process. Negative programs include curse, evil eye, evil thoughts and other negatives.

Why do people address me?

  • My work experience is more than 15 years. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • You may make an appointment and get help in-person. Also I may help my customers remotely.
  • I conclude an official contract with each customer. This document has a legal force and guarantees high quality and efficiency of my services.
  • I help correct mistakes of wizard dilettantes, unfair magicians and charlatans.
  • I conduct professional consultations, and help to find a way out of any situation.

Provenca–Diagonal station, Barcelona, Spain.

+ 34 684 14 87 54 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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