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Clairvoyance allows to penetrate into the depths of other's consciousness and read information from the human energy field. Supersensitive perception enables the clairvoyant to see a clear picture of the past, present and future. At the same time, the clairvoyant doesn’t use divination, chiromancy or other techniques, but relies only on his gift, experience, and practical knowledge.

A complete clairvoyance session should be distinguished from the spiritualistic session. The clairvoyant is a person who clearly sees and, unlike a medium, does not use the help of spirits. The clairvoyant has a strong spirit, a high intellect and completely controls his feelings. In turn, during a spiritualistic session the medium does not control himself, and his spirit is controlled by other natures.


Clairvoyance is a reading of the soul

Clairvoyance implies obtaining extrasensory information in the form of images, sounds or tastes. The session requires the maximum concentration of a clairvoyant, during which you may ask specific questions, and the clairvoyant describes the situation or pictures he see.

To get the correct reply and to reveal the strict cause of a problem, in the course of a session the clairvoyant often looks into events from a past life. A clairvoyant can see several past lives at once, which leads to emotional distress due to dramatic events. Therefore, the task of a specialist is to bring the client into a state of rest.

It should be remembered that each session is individual. Scanning an information field of a person, or looking through his aura, the clairvoyant reads each soul as a separate book.

During the complete session, the clairvoyant:

  • identifies the cause of the problem;
  • corrects questions of the past;
  • removes the negative impact of a past life;
  • can treat a client or his loved ones;
  • clarifies the current situation, and helps to make a right choice;
  • cautions about events and actions that may lead to negative consequences;
  • sees the future of the client and the people around him.

Clairvoyance can reveal the causes of phobias, severe illness, or failure in love.

The clairvoyance session defines the main problems of the client, reveals his subconscious aspirations, desires, and past experience. But only a professional will be able to suggest the right way. For this purpose, the clairvoyant adjusts his contact feelings with an object, disconnects attention from the environment, establishes an internal dialogue, imagines the whole by a part, and conducts bio-diagnostics.


A help of a hereditary healer

A hereditary healer and clairvoyant Helena will help you find the answers to your questions, give advice on how to act in a specific situation, and what you have to do.

The specialist will "enter" into your past and look into the future, warn against unwanted actions and deeds.

The goal of any clairvoyance session is to clarify the karmic cause of the client's problem and to find ways to resolve it. The client's task is to change something in himself or in his life, and only then he may get the desired future. The clairvoyant gives recommendations, but the client decides whether to take advice or not.

After the session, the person feels like he was born again, that means that he has passes through an energetic cleaning, and is ready to move forward. Some karma lessons of a past life can be removed during the session.

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