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Quite often people have a desire to communicate or see someone; but there is no opportunity or desire to be the first, who will make contact. It concerns not only the beloved, but also friends and relatives who have left for another country. It’s possible to go a long way, turning to mutual friends and acquaintances, but never get the desired effect.

We offer a simpler and more effective solution that will work 100% - a telepathic call to a person for contact. The hereditary healer and magician of the highest level Helena has a special conspiracy to do this.


How does a telepathic call work?

The majority of my clients are people with unrequited love, as well as those who have lost a contact of their relatives. The magic may help find even several people and bring them into contact. There are two call options:

  • Using a photo. This is the easiest way, as I can make eye contact with the aura of a particular person by visualizing his or her image in my mind.
  • Using a handwriting. This is the more complicated procedure, as it takes more energy to establish contact with the magical world.

The result is guaranteed. The person with whom you would like to enter to the contact, if he or she is alive (unfortunately there are some sad cases), will receive your “message” and will contact you by phone or in another way. However, reaching out to contact does not mean that you will achieve additional goals, for example to establish a romantic relationship with a person, or to forget a long-standing enmity. It’s necessary to try other methods to do this.


How to call a person using a photo?

Nothing is impossible in the world of magic and clairvoyance. However, a conspiracy to love using a photo is a very complex spell which consequences cannot be rolled back. If you really want to call a desired person, I may help you to resolve the issue.

To call a person using photo you have to provide two pictures:

  • your photo
  • a photo of a target.

It is desirable that these photos do not contain images of other people. It will allow to feel your aura much faster, and to make a connection.

Photos are placed face to face to establish eye-to-eye contact between you. It is important to ensure maximum efficiency (this is the reason why calling a person using a photo is more effective than a similar procedure using a handwriting).

I am not interested in the details of your life, as well as how and why you want to contact a particular person. This is your desire, and my abilities may help you realize it. The date of contact depends on the level of closeness of a particular person. In most cases, he or she will contact you within 1-2 days. However, there are some examples when a call by phone was received a week or even a month later, but such cases can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


Does a call using a photo really work?

It is hard to guarantee a 100% result. A variety of situations is possible, up to the fact that a person you are looking for is unfortunately no longer alive. In my more than 15-year magical career, there were no cases when the person I was looking for did not contact the customer.

I recommend that you think over the upcoming conversation in advance so that it goes according to a plan. Imagine a person you want to see or at least to hear. What do you want to talk about? What to ask or find out? It is important to think about these things in advance. During a phone call or even a personal contact, it can be easy to get confused and lose all your thoughts. When in your imagination you already have repeated a moment of the conversation several times, such ridiculous situations will never happen.

Let us solve complex issues of calling a person to contact using a photo together. I give official guarantees that everything will go smoothly and by prior arrangement!

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