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Clairvoyance (or clear vision) is the ability to foresee events, to receive the necessary information through the hypersensitive perception. Special people who see and hear what others can’t understand in the range of ordinary human perception have a gift of clairvoyance.

People with this ability can predict the future or look into the past. Such a seer doesn’t need to make horoscopes, use chiromancy, or to tell fortunes by cards. Owing to experience, certain knowledge, the ability to focus, and the natural gift, the clairvoyant may open the veils of forthcoming events. A person sees these events as if they are happening now.

Clairvoyance allows you to penetrate into someone else's consciousness, obtain information, and read it as an open book. Seers are able to see the processes taking place in the mind of a person, to find diseases, and to warn against actions that can lead to negative consequences.


Explanation of the ability to clear vision

Clairvoyants receive the necessary information through extrasensory channels of supersensory perception (in the form of images), in the form of sounds, feelings or smells. In case of "simple" clairvoyance, the sense organs may not be involved.

It is important to remember that clairvoyance is an inborn ability. People call it "the gift of the Gods", and science explains this phenomenon as a process of hypersensitive perception, which allows receiving reliable information without brain activity, logic, and sense organs.

Any living creature on the Earth has an energy field and aura. The astral aura irradiates certain vibrations – astral rays which have a certain frequency, and may be perceived by an astral vision, which has a clairvoyant.

The astral wave passes through any distance and density of the object, so for the seer the world around him is transparent.


How clairvoyants see

Clairvoyance is divided into three types:

  • External - the seer uses the spiritual and physical vision. It is used for healing, for help to choose a "good" place in the room, and to communicate with the nature.
  • Internal - allows to see the past, and to cope with the negative, which still have an impact on the life. Also such clairvoyance gives the opportunity to see the future.
  • Knowledge - the seer works with the information field and can receive an instant response to the question posed. This type of clairvoyance is not available to everyone.


Qualified help of a clairvoyant

A gift of a hereditary clairvoyant and powerful magician Helena will help you find replies to all sorts of questions related to your family, marriage, infidelity, job, financial situation, and health.

A qualified magician will help make an important decision, find a way out of the present situation, arrange your personal life, abolish the psychology of poverty, correct the questions of the past, and warn against unwanted actions.

By addressing an experienced specialist, you will get not only real magical, but also psychological help. Knowledge of past and future events, facts matching, clear informative answers and prompts will allow you to better understand yourself, find the root of the problem and its solution.


Why do people address me?

  • I work in the European Union countries for more than 15 years.
  • I render assistance on a personal basis and remotely.
  • My talent is inherited.
  • I am a practicing person with extrasensory perception, and an expert in clairvoyance.
  • I can identify the true causes of your troubles and help in their resolution (a guarantee is stated in a contract which has a legal effect).

Please address me by any way, which is the most convenient for you. Please fill out the online feedback form, and receive a guaranteed assistance.


Provenca–Diagonal station, Barcelona, Spain.

+ 34 684 14 87 54 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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