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Ancient people believed that symbols and signs can change the destiny of a person. The right combination of signs, inscriptions, shapes and lines create an energy funnel that attracts positive energy from the outside world.

In the eastern magical practice, a "Five Goods" amulet is very popular, it is also called the symbol of five bats.

Meaning and action of the amulet

"Five Goods" means a striving for balance. In the eastern practice the harmony of body, spirit and the world is the basis of happiness, bringing joy.

A "Five Goods" amulet combines five concepts that will lead its owner to well-being:

• health;

• a long life;

• happiness;

• peace;

• virtue.

It’s important to know that an amulet can’t serve "for everything". It’s charged to a certain energetic and emotional sphere of a person, and helps to achieve a balance.

How the amulet works:

  • Energy of happiness: it awakens in a person positive emotions, which positively influence on the health. A happy and healthy person lives in harmony with the outside world.
  • Energy of the world: it awakens the desire for mutual understanding, friendship, which are the basis of virtue.
  • Energy of virtue: it awakens the desire for innocence. A person who knows all three energies gets longevity.

To make an existence in this world of full value, a person has to emit a positive energy, then the universe will give him all the necessary blessings.

But in order to emit a positive, a person needs to have an appropriate worldview. Therefore, the basis for the symbol of "Five Goods" includes those values ​​that will allow to look at the world positively.


Symbolism of the amulet

The amulet has a form of a circle, and contains a hieroglyph "Shaw". In China, this hieroglyph is responsible for joy, carefree, and happiness. Around the hieroglyph there are five bats, which are moving in a circle. In eastern mythology, a bat symbolizes a high soul, which has got all five blessings and reached equilibrium.

Such an amulet may be for:

  • for those who can’t achieve harmony;
  • for those who want to find "their own" happiness;
  • for those who want to find "their own" place in life;
  • for those who have problems with health or entourage (communication, mutual understanding).

Such an amulet may be made of wood or metal. An image of "Five Goods" is applied to a round base and charged in accordance with the energy of its owner.


How to get a "Five Goods" amulet?

To order a "Five Goods" amulet please call the contact phone indicated on the site, or fill in a feedback form.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you achieve balance, mutual understanding with the surrounding world, relatives and close people. By ordering such an amulet, you will achieve a long-awaited happiness, may get rid of the negative, correct your health, and to make up your mind to a joyful and long life.

Charging an amulet, I force to interact your aura and the aura of an amulet itself. It makes possible to direct a positive life energy to you, and brings into your life all five blessings enclosed in the amulet.

Advantages of cooperation with me:

  • I make amulets taking into account all the features of magical practice. Before making an amulet, I conduct diagnostics of information and energy fields of a customer, find out the cause of the problem, and a correct way to resolve the situation.
  • I guarantee the efficiency and quality of my services. I conclude an official contract with my customers, which has a legal force.
  • My work experience is more than 15 years. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely.

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