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Since ancient times, our ancestors attached great importance to a creation of amulets, designed to protect against magic, sorcerers and other negative influences. People used special rituals and spells, performed rituals at a certain time, and also used talismans.

One of the most effective amulet of defense is a Pentagram, a guard that protects a person and his home from dark forces, black magic, evil people, and sorcerers.

A "Pentagram" amulet creation and effect

"Pentagram" conceals a powerful ancient power, which reliably protects the possessor from spoilage, evil eye, misfortune, disease, evil spirits.

A "Pentagram" amulet acts like a magic shield reflecting witchcraft, negative energy effects, or a curse. The symbol of a white "Pentagram" is a five-pointed star that returns negative energy to its original source, closing it in a trap.

In occultism, a white "Pentagram" symbolizes light and good, protection from evil spells. Such an amulet also allows the owner to recognize the supernatural forces and control them.

In ceremonial magic is used a "Pentagram of Agrippa", which protects a person from supernatural forces and acts as a defense for a magician or a sorcerer.

How does this amulet look like?

  • A five-pointed star inscribed in a circle. Since ancient times a round form is considered a symbol of light and darkness, and an eternal life cycle. A circle symbolizes the sun, the strength.

A five-pointed star is a Pentagram, which protects a person from any kind of negativity. A star doesn’t absorb negative energy, but sends it many times back to those who wanted to do evil.

Most often such an amulet is made of metal. Also it’s possible to apply an image on a wooden workpiece.

To make an amulet effective, it’s necessary to activate it and charge with a positive energy. A professional magician conducts an energetic purification of a magical object, applying special rituals and conspiracies. The task of an owner of such an artifact is careful storage and periodic recharging of an amulet with his own energy. The amulet has to be connected with its owner.

It’s forbidden to give personal amulets of protection from magic and witchcraft to other people.


Creation of an individual amulet by a professional magician

Only an experienced magician can guarantee the effectiveness of a protective amulet. A specialist uses special magical practices that allow to charge an amulet with positive energy and adjust its work.

It should be remembered that in a reality an amulet protecting "from everything" will not be able to protect and draw good fortune into your life. An amulet "Pentagram" acts only as a defense against negativity and other witchcraft influences. A specialist tunes up such a magic object only for a protection purpose.

In order to make an amulet effective, an owner needs to tune it to a positive wave, to reject negative thoughts and to believe in the power of his artifact. An amulet made by a professional magician, which you will carry with you, will become a faithful friend, its help will be invaluable.

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