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People not familiar with the occult and magical practices associate a symbol of a "Pentagram" with a negative. But the real situation is different. Pentagram is a symbol-amulet or a magic shield, designed to repel any negative attack of a magician or sorcerer, such as a corruption, an evil eye, or a curse. The Pentagram also protects against evil spirits, creatures of the other world, trying to harm a person in every possible way.

Such an amulet is used as a personal protection for a man or a woman. It will be useful to anyone who periodically experiences negative influence of others, has a weak astral protection or wants to strengthen their protection.

A "Protective Pentagram" amulet creation and effect

The task of the amulet is to reflect a negative energy attack. A properly charged and activated amulet can repel an attack of any power, even made by a powerful sorcerer.

The peculiarity of the "Protective Pentagram" is that the amulet doesn’t attract and doesn’t absorb the negative. Such an amulet reflects the attack and transmits it with repeated force to the source, the initiator of the negative. The person who tries to harm you, intervene in your energy information field, will receive a powerful retaliatory strike.

A professional magician will program your amulet to protect and reflect any negative energy impact. To do this, special rituals and spells are used, allowing to adjust an amulet to a desired energy wave.

The effectiveness of reflecting negative energy depends on the magical power of the magician who makes and adjusts the amulet. A magician has to take into account all the nuances of the ritual, and do make a diagnosis of the customer before the manufacture or charging of an amulet.

To make an amulet effective, it’s necessary to activate it and charge with a positive energy. The amulet has to be connected with its owner.

Important! It’s forbidden to give an amulet to strangers, to grant it as a gift, or to lose it. Such a magic object should be stored in a special place, where cleanliness and order are constantly maintained, without other extraneous things.

How does the "Protective Pentagram" amulet look like?

  • A classic Pentagram symbol is a five-pointed star. An amulet has a round shape. It’s possible to make an amulet in a form of a five-pointed star, not inscribed in a circle.

Note! Amulets donated or bought in a store can’t be used as a protection. Such things don’t carry any magical power, or may be made by an inexperienced magician or charlatan.


How to order an amulet?

To order a magic object of protection, simply call the contact numbers stated on our website. Orders made through a feedback form are also accepted.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will make for you an amulet "Protective Pentagram", which will allow:

  • to feel yourself confident;
  • to avoid curse, repel, evil eye, or any other kind of magical interference from ill-wishers;
  • to avoid black astral entities, energy vampires, sorcerers, and settlers.

Only an experienced magician will be able to guarantee the effectiveness of such an amulet. I conclude an official contract with my customers, which has a legal force.

Why do people address me?

• I use many various magical practices. I constantly raise my level.

• My inherited, enormous work experience (more than 15 years on the territory of the EU countries), and a secret knowledge allow to achieve a desired result.

• I render assistance both in-person and remotely. It doesn’t matter what country you are from. I will help you in any situation, regardless of the complexity.

• I will help to understand your problem and find the best solution.

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