An individual amulet has a magical power that protects its possessor from a negative magical effect or helps to achieve success, or solving specific and important tasks.

An amulet protects from evil eye, corruption, curse, repel, as well as from an influence of black magicians and sorcerers. Amulet brings good luck, love, strengthens health, improves family relations, allows you to achieve success and prosperity.

Before making an individual amulet, a magician should clearly determine for what purposes should it be created, and what magical powers or properties should it possess.


Creation of an individual amulet

A manufacture of magic items requires high skill and profound knowledge in the field of occultism, history and culture from a magician. After all, an amulet is an ancient concept that is used in the culture of any people.

An amulet or a talisman is not just a decoration, but a magical artifact that carries a certain energy, meaning, and symbolism.

Various types of materials are used for amulets creation:

  • certain types of wood;
  • untreated stone;
  • bones, skulls of animals;
  • metals (black, color);
  • herbs, natural leather, fabric, thread;
  • semiprecious and precious stones - easily accumulate strength, so they are very often used in magical practice.

An individual amulet creation should be trusted only to a professional magician, who is able to understand clearly what you need. An experienced specialist will make a suitable amulet and activate it.

The task of the magician:

  • to identify the difficulties that a customer has faced in the life;
  • to give an advice, direct to the right path, suggest how to cope with the problems.

It should be remembered that an amulet itself is not able to fully support his owner without his or her strong decision to solve a problem which doesn’t allow to live peacefully.

Amulets classification:

  • African, Egyptian, Northern and Eastern;
  • with and without magical inscriptions;
  • artificial, natural;
  • talismans to attract attention - magic items that are specially made visible;
  • hidden amulets;
  • amulets-donors – made with a purpose to fill up a missing energy of a person.

How to handle with an individual amulet?

  • A protection amulet is a personal thing whose presence should be hidden from others.
  • It’s forbidden to give amulets to other people.
  • Talismans require careful handling.
  • Magical items should be stored in special places (such a place should always be clean; you can’t put other things there).
  • An amulet requires periodic recharging (activation occurs through a contact with an owner, absorbing the energy of its owner).


How to get an individual amulet?

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will make and charge for you an individual amulet, which:

• will protect against any negative energy programs;

• will give strength, confidence;

• will attract wealth, happiness, love.

Remember that an individual amulet should belong only to you. The power of a magical object is related to your astral body.

You should never buy or accept as a gift any amulets or magic items made by amateurs. Such amulets will not bring a desired effect, and in some cases can harm the owner.

Why do people address me?

  • I have more than 15 years of experience of making individual amulets.
  • I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely. For me it doesn’t matter where you are. I will make an amulet personally for you and send it to the desired address.
  • I correct mistakes of inexperienced magicians and charlatans. My amulets are tuned to a particular customer and will work only for him, without causing damage, without carrying a negative magic program.
  • I conclude a formal contract having a legal force.

For more information, please call the phone indicated on the website, or fill in a corresponding feedback form.

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