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When a person moves towards his goal, but each time obstacles appear on a way, people say that a luck has turned away from them. A "Wheel of Fortune" amulet, which is a symbol of luck and success, will help to correct such a situation.

The amulet is able to attract into your life a cherished fortune, and the favor of fate. This magic object also drives away from its owner failures and possible negative energy programs blocking positive energy channels.

Symbolism of an amulet

A symbol of fortune (or fate) is a wheel that rotates regardless of your actions. Non-stop rotating wheel intertwines both luck and loss.

  • In ancient times, the wheel was at the same time a symbol of life and death, an eternal cycle, without which none phenomenon may occur on the earth.
  • A circular closed form is considered to be an ideal in the Universe. Any object of the world strives for the form of a circle. In religion, the wheel also denotes the confrontation between good and evil. Therefore, the round shape is optimally suited for an amulet symbolizing the power of fate.
  • A sacred meaning of a "Wheels of Fortune" is a sun, life, or a natural cycle. An ancient Slavs wheel (or Kolovrat) reflects seasons change, continuity of the nature, and eternity.

How does the "Wheel of Fortune" amulet look like?

  • A front side has a complex cross - tau. Several double crosses are interconnected in a circle, which symbolizes the unity of the four sides of the world, designates the worlds of the earth and heaven.
  • A reverse side has a symbol of Jupiter. Since antiquity in the astrology, Jupiter is considered a planet that brings wealth and prosperity. Jupiter-patron gives luck, and charges by a positive energy of optimism.

The "Wheel of Fortune" amulet is especially useful for:

  • those who are keen on lotteries and other gambling. The amulet will bring good luck to your life. You will get more luck, and you will even get a desirable winning.
  • businessmen or those who are just starting their own business. "Wheel of Fortune" will protect against risks, losses, intrigues of competitors.
  • students and all those who are trained or take up a new position. Amulet promotes rapid perception of a new information and mastering in a new field.
  • representatives of risky occupations (rescuers, firemen) or travelers "Wheel of Fortune" will bring a lot of luck.


How to catch a lucky break?

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to call the forces of heaven to come to your aid, enclosing them into a magic "Wheel of Fortune" amulet.

An amulet will bring more optimism, and you will feel how luck returns to your life:

  • you will quickly achieve your goals in business, career, creativity;
  • you may win a lottery or cards;
  • you will get rid of family problems, achieve peace and prosperity;
  • any study will become easy and enjoyable;
  • you will be able to overcome risky situations without fear and consequences.

A "Wheel of Fortune" amulet will be your main assistant. The basic condition is that all the thoughts of an owner of an amulet should be clean. You must believe in the power of the talisman, and then it will definitely help.

Why do people address me?

  • I make and charge amulets for attracting luck, success, and well-being.
  • Before the manufacture of a magical object I conduct diagnostics, determine the cause of your problem and select the optimal amulet for you.
  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely.

My work experience is more than 15 years. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries. I conclude an official contract.

For more information, please call the phone indicated on the website, or fill in a corresponding feedback form.

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