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Diagnosis of the negative allows to determine the presence of a negative energy impact on a person, an object or a specific situation.

The concept of negative impact includes energy and information programs that lead to a destruction of the state of a person to whom a negative energy clot was directed.

The task of an experienced magician is to determine how a negative impact was made:

  • deliberately – corruption, repel, love spell, curse;
  • unconsciously - evil eye, curse (a person who did it has never born ill will to a victim);
  • accumulation - there are people who absorb the negative from their environment.

The second task of a magician is to determine the mechanism of a negative program:

• Conscious impact:

1.        generic - astral genetic pathology, a person was born with a negative;

2.        in-life - a victim receives a negative during the life.

• Unconscious impact:

1.        spontaneous - a person with appropriate abilities, spontaneously shifts the negative to another;

2.        emotional - a negative program was launched when someone's anger, hatred or revenge has been fallen upon the victim;

3.        own - the person himself blocks positive energy channels.

Accumulation of the negative occurs as a result of weak protection, with frequent visits to places with a high concentration of negative energy (hospitals, cemeteries). Also, a person can receive a portion of the negative due to a professional activity – when he or she constantly has to be in public.


Features of the diagnosis

Carrying out the diagnosis, a specialist has to take into account not only the nature of the impact, but also to determine a method which was used to put a negative to an object.

Often there are situations when negative energy was directed to one person, and the whole family suffers. In this case, an expert has to clean both spouses and children.

In practice, it happens that a person to whom the damage has been directed has a powerful protection. The program, embedded in the information field, shall find its recipient, and starts destroying others around the uncontested victim. Such a person harms the society. As a result, the person is surrounded by victims: a negative impact on the sources of income or problems at work for the whole team.

A diagnosis made by a professional magician shall be compared with a full medical examination. A magician takes into account everything: the psychological and physical state of a victim.


A professional magical diagnosis

Diagnosis of the negative is a complex process. In special cases, the procedure for diagnosing the victim may take several days. A complex approach to the problem allows to achieve a positive result: to purify the victim's aura, and to save him or her suffering.

Remember that only a specialist may take into account physical and psychological state of the victim.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will conduct diagnosis and reveal the presence of a negative program. I will indicate the reason, and I will tell you why this situation has occurred:

  • I will remove the generic curse, the crown of celibacy, the seal of solitude, the evil eye and other kinds of spoilage;
  • I will indicate the weaknesses of your astral body, I'll warn you what you need to be afraid of, how to protect yourself from ill-wishers;
  • I will help get rid of the influence of energy vampires, settlers, evil entities;
  • I will remove a negative program from your loved ones;
  • I will clean the house of evil energy.

It’s possible to fight with black magic only by means of white magic, which gives life force, and inspires hope and faith.

If you want to get rid of the "black stripe" in your life, correct karmic errors or look for answers to the causes of your misfortunes, call the indicated contact numbers, or fill out the feedback form.

I work both in-person and remotely.

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