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An experienced magician, carrying out a love magic ritual (love spell, repel), opening money flows or attracting a client's luck, health and love, always conducts a magical cleaning. A purification ritual includes: biofield cleaning from negative energy, negative programs impact removal, and protection setting.

However, the removal of a negative program is necessary not only during love or luck attraction rituals.

In the process of diagnosis, the magician can discover that the client was inflicted corruption, an evil eye, or a curse. In this case, a program of negative removal is necessarily. It is impossible to carry out a purification ritual without assistance. A case of birth curse is especially difficult; it can be removed only by a very powerful magician.


Purification ritual features

Before removing any negative program, a magical diagnosis should be performed. A specialist needs to find out:

  • a type of negative energy;
  • how such an impact was caused;
  • who has caused a negative impact;
  • a mechanism of the negative program.

The magician will proceed his or her work after he or she will reveal the cause and mechanism of action.

Negative energy removal may last several days. In difficult situations, a specialist needs up to 40 days. During this period, special rituals should be conducted, as well as prayers and conspiracies, aimed at eliminating a "black stripe", should be read.

The result of purification ritual: getting rid of negative energy, restoring the damaged astral aura, improving the psychological and physical condition, improving relationships with the outside world.

An obligatory stage in the removal of negative is a setting of triple protection, which prevents the negative impact of ill-wishers. Without such protection, a person will repeatedly expose an evil influence. Therefore, only an experienced magician with sufficient strength should be addressed for assistance.


How to protect yourself from an evil eye?

There are simple rules to minimize contact with negative energy programs:

  • Never pick up items found at an intersection. A severe curse may be transmitted through such objects, like other people's illnesses and failures.
  • Never pick up things found at the doorstep of your house.
  • Never give your photos to unfamiliar or suspicious people.


White magic is a reliable protection against negative programs

A purposeful negative program may be created through a black magic. The sorcerer passes all the misfortune of a customer to a victim, or spells constant failures, problems and illnesses.

Fight with the negative can only be done with the help of white magic. A person without magical abilities, can’t remove the negative and establish a three-fold protection by his or her own.

Attempts of interference to an astral body may aggravate the situation. Only a professional of a white magic can remove corruption, evil eye, curse and protect the victim from possible "dark" interventions in the future.

It should be remembered that the removal and protection against corruption is an individual process, which may differ in each specific case.

By addressing a hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena, you can solve your problems, and get rid of the "black stripe".

Why do people address me?

  • I work both in-person and remotely. Your location does not matter to me.
  • I provide a guarantee for my services.  I conclude an official contract with customers, which has a legal force.
  • I have more than 15 years of experience in the European Union, as well as I work with customers from other countries.
  • I correct mistakes of dishonest wizards and dilettantes.

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