A targeted negative energy can bring a lot of harm to the victim. Ill-wishers and envious persons may use various sophisticated methods to inflict damage upon a person, to draw grief, problems, illnesses and even death into his life.

But what is the difference between a curse and an evil eye? Both concepts are close to each other - they are flows of negativity in the form of negative thoughts, feelings and words directed on a particular person.

The difference between a curse and an evil eye lies in the mechanism of their action. A curse is always a negativity made with a strict purpose, and an evil eye is an accidental phenomenon. An owner of an "evil eye" often does not suspect about his or her abilities. One casual sight can lead to a negativity to an another person, or an accidental evil eye.

There are cases when an evil eye is the result of witchcraft: an owner of an "evil eye" purposely inflicts harm on another person.

A curse and an evil eye attract a "black stripe" to the life of a victim: illness, failure, loss, financial deprivation, disappointment in love. An evil eye can be removed much easier than a curse.


A family curse - children pay for the errors of their parents

One of the most terrible negatives is a family curse. Magicians consider this kind of negative energy to be very strong curse. The main difference between family curse and a simple curse is that a family curse is programmed for a long time.

Normal curse affects only the astral body. The family curse has power even after the death of the victim. The impact of the curse is shifted to subsequent generations of relatives. People say that the children pay for their parents' errors.

It is only an experienced and powerful magician who may fight such an astral genetic disease. It’s impossible to remove a family curse, and to clean female or male line of a family on their own.


Crown of celibacy and a seal of loneliness - what is the difference?

Crown of celibacy is a result or a form of curse. In this case negative energy affects the sphere of marriage and the creation of a family.

A victim can be in a relationship with the opposite sex, and even be popular. But he or she can never get married.

The seal of loneliness is a more sophisticated negative, which can only be determined by an experienced and powerful magician. Amateurs often confuse the seal of loneliness with the crown of celibacy. But a seal of loneliness has a different mechanism of action. Negative energy is aimed at absolute loneliness - a person remains without marriage, lover, friends and relatives.


Removal of any type of curse

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena can remove any kind of curse. Before you start the ritual of purification, the expert conducts a scrupulous energy diagnosis:

  • identifies the cause of a "black stripe" appearance;
  • determines who has initiated curse, and where the root of the problem lies;
  • selects the correct program for cleansing from negative energy;
  • holds special rituals that can last for several days;
  • builds protection around the victim, and restores the energy balance.

Remember that it’s impossible to remove a strong curse on your own. An inexperienced person does not have magical power, does not know how to clean the aura and to put a multi-layered protection.

By addressing an unexperienced magician, you may risk to remain in the same or even in a worse situation.

Why do people address me?

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  • Qualified assistance on any issues.

You may order the service by phone, or by filling out the feedback form. I will help you get rid of the "black stripe" of your life.

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