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Healing from alcohol addiction. Saving a Husband

There are many people suffering from alcohol addiction. And even more people who don’t admit such an existing problem.

Alcoholism is a serious illness, which not everyone can defeat. Modern medicine offers a variety of ways to fight: from hypnosis and "coding" to "firmware" and other methods which may even require surgical intervention. Such methods are effective, but can’t guarantee that they will act for a long time, and will not lead to psychological deviations of a patient, who may break down and start drinking again.

The magic of healing, unlike medicine, gives the most lasting effect and allows to heal the drinker not only on a physical, but also on a spiritual level.


What does alcohol addiction treatment include?

It’s important to remember that whatever power a healing method possesses, its action also depends on a person himself, and his desire to be curable. If a person doesn’t have an inner desire to avoid drunkenness, he will return to a disease. Therefore, it’s important not only to get rid of a disease itself, but also to clear the customer's thoughts and soul.

Rituals used in professional healing are aimed at spiritual healing. Before starting treatment, a healer studies a biofield and an astral map of a patient. In some cases, a deep cleaning of energy field from the negative is required.

Negative energy programs can be the main causes of alcohol addiction. Such programs accumulate over time, which is natural, or are the result of corruption, evil eye, or birth curse. Only a strong magician is able to purify the karma of a person and to get rid of the negative.

A healer makes treatment in-person or by photo. The treatment program is individual and is made on the basis of diagnosis:

  • an expert determines the state of a biofield and general health of a customer;
  • a specialist determines a presence of curse, evil eye, alcoholic larva and other types of obsession;
  • a specialist works with generic and karmic programs.

Methods used in a treatment of alcoholism are absolutely safe both for health and psyche.

In the course of treatment, energy entities, feeding from a "negative" which comes from an alcohol itself, are destroyed. It’s such a "negative" that pushes a person to addiction.

In the practice of healing, treatment with herbs, spells, and rituals is also used.


Help of hereditary healer

Hereditary clairvoyant, healer and the strongest magician Helena will help get rid of alcohol addiction. I work with men and women of any age and guarantee the effectiveness of my services.

Why healing is more effective than coding?

  • When coding a drinker, a fear is instilled, but a person doesn’t repent for deeds, doesn’t consider himself guilty of those to whom he has caused mental and / or physical suffering.

A magic of healing saves a person not only from addiction, but also from negative energy, makes him think about what he has done and repent.

  • When coding, a person lives waiting for the end of the encoding period.

A magic of healing brings harmony into his life, it permanently removes a disease.

  • When coding, a person can break off and start to drink again. Healing heals a person physically and spiritually, relieving thoughts of alcohol and addiction to it.

Why do people address me?

  • Work experience is more than 15 years. I help to the customers from Europe and other countries to get rid of terrible ailments.
  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely.
  • I work under the contract.

You may find more information and make an appointment for a treatment over the phone indicated on our website or over a corresponding feedback form.

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