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Neurological diseases are usually treated with antibiotics. But not all diseases may be treated quickly, and some of them torture a patient throughout the life.

One of these diseases is epilepsy - a brain disease that has a chronic nature. It is manifested by spontaneous and short-term epileptic seizures. According to statistics, 1 out of 100 people suffers from epilepsy.

Most often, epilepsy occurs in childhood and adolescent age (from 5 to 18 years old). The disease is determined by a change in the electrical activity of cells. A person may gradually recover from such ailment through drug treatment, but what if drugs are powerless?

Healing as one of the types of magical practice will allow you to be healed of epilepsy. The sessions of healing may be conducted in-person or remotely by photo. Magicians advise to bring a photos made at the latest 3 months ago.


Treatment features and stages

It’s important to choose a right treatment program to fight against epilepsy. A healer should identify the state of the patient's mental and physical bodies. Mental body in occultism is called the subtle energy body, which is the psycho-spiritual component of any living organism.

A magician determines which essences and energies are gathered around a patient. In some favorable conditions, negative clots of energy and dark entities may settle inside an astral body of a person, filling his soul with their negative energy.

Identification of a state of a mental and physical body makes possible to determine the main cause of the disease and to correctly choose an effective healing program.

In most cases, epilepsy is caused by dark entities, the settlers who suck in to the energy of a person. In Christian practice, such patients are considered possessed by demons.

Epilepsy treatment may be divided into the following stages:

  • physical body cleansing - switching to a "clean" meagre diet.
  • mental body cleansing - using the healer special magical practices aimed at cleansing a human bio field.
  • purification of a soul by prayers and spells.
  • cleansing from negative emotions by observing work and rest regime.
  • meditation, filling oneself with an energy of water and sun.
  • protection from negative emotions and people.


Qualified help of hereditary clairvoyant

It’s important to remember that in a treatment of epilepsy, the major is the accumulation and conservation of life energy. During such a treatment, you should exclude any contact with unpleasant people, communication, which causes only negative.

A significant role in such a healing has a faith. Healers don’t recommend taking antibiotics and visiting medical institutions during the treatment. Higher powers, as well as an individual treatment program will help to believe in yourself and be healed.

Hereditary healer, clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to help you and your loved ones in the treatment of chronic neurological diseases.

Why do people address me?

  • I help both in-person and remotely. I may render assistance by photo.
  • Work more than 15 years. I provide treatment of men and women of all ages. It doesn’t matter where you live. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • I alter the work of unfair magicians, correct mistakes of amateurs.
  • I work under an official contract.

You may find more information and make an appointment for a treatment over the phone indicated on our website or over a corresponding feedback form.

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