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Healing from depression. New life, new happiness, acquired health

Healing was very respected since ancient times, and even during the time of Christianity it couldn’t lose its leading place in the culture and human life. The practice of healing remains very popular today. Recognition of this magical practice is to help people, to heal from physical ailments and mental suffering, to improve the body, and to restore its vital functions.


The basis of healing

There are several laws and principles of healing:

  • A healer must possess the necessary knowledge, accurately observe and perform all the healing rituals that will enable him to use subtle energies.
  • A healer must have a deep knowledge of the laws of nature.
  • A healer is obliged to constantly improve his spirituality.


Healing skill levels

  • The first level is physiological

A healer's skill is aimed at curing physical ailments. People who practice the first level, use foundations of traditional medicine at their work:

  • treatment with herbs, infusions, balms and ointments exclusively made of natural ingredients;
  • chiropractors and physicians who interact directly with the physical body.

At the physical level, only the body itself is cured, a disease and a karmic effect may remain and cause further recurrence of the disease.

  • The second level is a ritual

The healer cures not only the physical body, but also appeals to higher and lower powers (spirits, demons, angels). A magician or a shaman calls for help the otherworldly forces that help to block or compensate a karmic effect. After carrying out such manipulations, a person may feel much better.

  • The third level is extrasensory

A healer has extrasensory abilities and the gift of clairvoyance. Such a magician may determine the main cause of a disease at a karmic level. A psychic may clearly see the cause of a disease. A healer is also able to remove a negative energy program from a biofield of a person suffering from an ailment.

The strongest magicians also compensate karmic nodes influence with their own energy.

  • The fourth level is the highest level of healing

The fourth level of healing can be possessed only by hereditary clairvoyants and strongest magicians. Such a healer works directly with the cause of the ailment. A spiritual healer may cure both a patient and negative manifestations.


Help of hereditary healer

A gift of healing is a good for others, but it’s also a huge responsibility for a person who possesses such a gift. A healer spends a huge amount of vital energy to heal others, so not everyone may cope with such a burden.

It is important to have a high energy potential to be a true healer. A healer obtains energy from the nature and the universe. In order to obtain such a recharge constantly, a healer must live and think according to the laws of the nature and the cosmos.

Only harmonious persons who live in a harmony with the surrounding world are capable to perform not only physical, but also spiritual healing.

Hereditary healer, clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to help you in healing your body and spirit:

  • alcohol addiction relief;
  • childhood diseases treatment;
  • excess weight treatment;
  • gambling addiction treatment, as well as solving other problems related to physical and mental health.

Why do people address me?

• I render assistance both in-person and remotely.

• I correct mistakes of unfair magicians and dilettante healers.

• I work with customers from Europe and other countries.

Please call the phone indicated on our website or fill in a contact form to make an appointment.

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