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«Drawing up horoscope»

Synastric astrology is used not only to construct horoscopes related to relationship between a man and a woman. Synastric astrology makes possible to understand compatibility between colleagues at work, friends, parents and children.

Financial horoscopes are also made in accordance with the rules of synastric astrology. After all, it’s important for every businessman to know with whom he is dealing, with whom he has to conclude a deal, and to whom to apply to get profitable investments for a project.

Business horoscope reveals the following questions:

  • Is it possible to trust a specific person during a deal, or in a partnership?
  • Whether a possible or existing partner justifies your expectations?
  • What can be expected from your partners and colleagues: honest business relations / devastation / fraud.


Why is it important to make a business horoscope?

It should be remembered that a horoscope is just an assistant. The task of such an assistant is to warn against unforeseen situations that can lead to negative consequences. An assistant also allows you to be aware of important business events, on which you should direct all your efforts.

You may always listen to an advice of such an assistant, follow its recommendations, and, as a result, to change the situation to your advantage.

A business horoscope may be useful for:

  • businessmen and investors;
  • starting businessmen, those who just open their business or are going to open it.

A professional astrologer may also construct a business compatibility horoscope:

  • The horoscope provides an opportunity to assess your compatibility with colleagues and business partners, and employees at your work. People who are engaged in a common business are in the same business area, and are connected by special relationships. Such relationships may help to achieve success, and desired goals, or may impede the progress.
  • The horoscope indicates how to properly establish a partnership which will be very beneficial and favorable for you. Following the recommendations of an assistant, you may realize your ideas, properly cooperate with your partners, enhancing talents and abilities of each party.

Owing to the astrology, you may get advantages in the field of business competition, you may set a certain pace of work for the coming day, focus on specific areas, and avoid unforeseen situations.


Business horoscope construction

Only a professional astrologer will be able to construct an accurate business horoscope, which will become a real assistant in your business. Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will construct a business horoscope for you.

You may order a horoscope for 3 months, which will indicate all the key points related to your business area. Horoscope is a daily recommendation, compiled in a form of tables, which makes valuable guidelines convenient and easy to use.

To order your personal business horoscope for 3 months, just call the contact numbers stated on the site or fill out a feedback form. I process customer’s applications quickly, and will provide professional advice on every issue of your interest.

Advantages of cooperation with me:

• Enormous work experience. I have been helping customers from the European Union and other countries for more than 15 years.

• I render assistance both in-person and remotely. For me, there are no borders and difficult situations.

• I work under an official contract. The document has a legal force.

• I guarantee the high quality and effectiveness of my services.

• I correct the work of unfair magicians.

Please call me if you need prompt and real help!


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