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«Drawing up horoscope»

An individual horoscope construction is not just a list of recommendations, advices and predictions. A horoscope, made personally for you, is the key to understanding your essence, your inner self. The knowledge obtained through a horoscope will help you find your own way of development.

An individual horoscope construction is quite a complex process. A customer may determine which question should be considered.

To properly create a personal horoscope, a professional astrologer needs to know the date and time of your birth, and place of residence (the name of the village where you were born). Having received the necessary information, the astrologer constructs an accurate celestial map at the moment of your birthday.

Your celestial map is a passport containing an important information about you. Such an astrological passport includes the following information:

  • advantages and disadvantages;
  • leadership skills, talents, passions;
  • physiology;
  • energy reserve, and other hidden spheres of your soul.


What is a birth chart?

To construct an individual horoscope, it’s enough to know the date, time and place of birth. Based on this information, the astrologer composes a birth chart, which is the basis of a horoscope.

A birth chart itself is a zodiacal circle consisting of planets symbols and zodiac signs.

A birth chart is divided into 12 identical sectors, 30 degrees each. Each sector corresponds to one sign of a zodiac. All signs of the chart have a certain sequence, which can’t be changed. The chart also reflects eight planets of the solar system, the Sun, the Moon, stars, and comets. Each celestial body influences a certain way on inhabitants of the Earth.

Each planet may have strong or weak influence on human life, or not have any influence at all, depending on its position in zodiac with respect to our planet.

A concept of a birth or “natal” chart itself comes from the Latin “natalis”, which means “birth”. Therefore, the task of an individual horoscope is to determine a character and hidden talents of a person, acquired at his or her birth. A horoscope also indicates life prospects, the purpose of the existence, and tasks which should be achieved during the life. A birth chart will also reveal all possible difficulties which a person may experience during the incarnation on the Earth.


Order of an individual horoscope

A professional astrologer, hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will make an individual horoscope for you. You may order a horoscope over the phone indicated on our website or over a feedback form.

An individual horoscope will let you know what awaits you in the future, what companion is well-matched for you, what hidden talents and traits you have, and why you act in a certain way.

Construction of an individual horoscope gives an important advantage for self-development and self-knowledge. Such a "life map" will save your valuable time: you don’t need to get to know yourself during many years through trial and errors, because you may find all the answers about your nature and destiny in a horoscope.

Advantages of ordering an individual horoscope from a professional astrologer:

  • An enormous work experience: more than 15 years on the territory of the EU countries. I work with customers from the EU and other countries.
  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely. It doesn’t matter to me where you are.
  • I guarantee the efficiency and quality of my services. I conclude a formal contract having a legal force with each customer.

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