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«Drawing up horoscope»

Constructing a marital compatibility horoscope is one of trends in synastric astrology, which is responsible for revealing the relationships between partners.

Synastric astrology is very accurate, and allows to view the relationship of people through the compatibility of various signs of the zodiac. Such astrology touches upon not only a sphere of family and love, but also building of friendly, partner and professional relationships.


Synastric astrology features

A horoscope, which is constructed according to all the rules of synastric astrology, shows the following:

  • whether difficulties in communication are possible, what difficulties may arise;
  • what problems can appear in the relationship between two opposite or identical signs of a zodiac;
  • what will be required from partners to improve relationships, what actions need to be taken for this, what has to be changed.

Horoscope allows to learn about the results of joint activities of two partners:

  • whether the partners are suitable for marriage, creating a strong family or just for easy relationships without obligations, for a friendly pastime;
  • what should be expected if partners have bonded their destinies by a marriage;
  • is it possible between the partners the emergence of deep and pure feelings or only superficial feelings or not long-term relationships may arise?

It should be noted that synastric astrology is suitable for constructing horoscopes of compatibility within the working community. The result of a forecast will allow to find out what status a particular employee can occupy in a team, what duties a person can perform, with which group of people he or she may interact productively and conflict-free.

In family life, a compatibility horoscope indicates pitfalls, warns of possible conflicts, allows to find a way out of the negative situation, find a key to a partner.

Horoscope also provides an opportunity to determine a level of trust between partners, to find out whether a person is your fellow-mind, whether there is a similarity of interests, life priorities, whether your lover or spouse will justify your hopes.

Marital compatibility horoscope may be useful for:

  • people who are in a relationship and desire to create a family;
  • couples;
  • people who aren’t in a relationship, but are in a search of a partner.


How to order a marital compatibility horoscope?

Professional astrologer Helena will construct a detailed marital compatibility horoscope for you. Calculation of the compatibility of partners is carried out in accordance with the date of birth, and zodiac signs compatibility.

It’s important to know that a description of signs compatibility is very important for each horoscope. But only a horoscope constructed by a professional, may contain a description of both general principles of signs compatibility and particular cases. In practice, such principles are very logical and allow to determine as precisely as possible whether you and your partner are compatible or not.

In classical astrology it is considered, that signs are compatible in love and family relationships if they don’t have contradictions between themselves on two main points:

  • signs belong to the same parity (only even or only odd);
  • signs aren’t the same.

My marital compatibility horoscope will let you know:

  • what about you should think or work on in your relationship;
  • compatibility in love - a sphere of feelings;
  • sexual compatibility;
  • compatibility in work, partnership and in other life spheres.

You may find out more information and order a horoscope over the phone indicated on our website, or filling in a feedback form.

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