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Kabbalah is not just a magic, but the doctrine of the universe, which is regarded as a whole with many interrelationships. In fact, Kabbalah denies that chaos is part of the universe.

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, the power of the world is governed by mysterious laws, based on symbolism, consisting of certain meanings, a combination of letters and numbers.

Kabbalah teaches supreme inspiration. Ancient magic allows you to approach the realm of the subconscious, find the truth, reveal the cause of the problem and eliminate it. Not every magician can cope with such magical power. For this, it is also necessary to have a rich knowledge of the principles of the Hebrew doctrine.


From antiquity to the present

From the ancient Jewish language Kabbalah is translated as the acquisition of knowledge. According to the theory of adepts of magic, the teaching appeared in the Old Testament times. In accordance with the scientists, the Kabbalah has appeared in the 12th century.

There are many Kabbalistic scriptures. In most cases, texts are anonymous, and written in different epochs. The main text for magicians is "Zohar" or "The Book of Radiance". The creator of the text is Moses of Lyons. The book was written in the 12th century. The essence of the scripture is an interpretation of allegorical texts of the Bible.

The second significant work is the text "Sefer Yetzirah" or "The Book of Creation". Scientists believe that the writing appeared in the 3rd century. Some researchers believe that the book was created in the end of the 8th century. The essence of writing is the designation and description of the elements that are used to create real and unreal worlds. According to the "Book of Creation" there are 32 elements, consisting of 22 letters and 10 numbers.

In the modern world, Kabbalah gained popularity in the late 19th - early 20th century. Some Christian scientists have introduced ideas on combining Jewish doctrine with the main postulates of the Christian world.

Over the past 200 years, Kabbalah has absorbed the knowledge of numerology and astrology. A Kabbalistic teaching has grown from commandments and rituals into a magical practice allowing to influence the inner will of a person through certain rituals.

A Kabbalah magic makes possible to correct human destiny processes. In general, this ancient teaching makes possible even to correct the processes of the universe reflected in the nature.

The impact to a nature and human consciousness is the magic of modern Kabbalistic teaching.


Change of destiny with the help of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is used not only to explore human character, the surrounding world, and the Universe. Its force that can affect the will of a person and change his or her perception, can be used in love magic (love spell, repel), to attract good luck, restore inner harmony, solve problems related to health, family and finances.

During the conduct of cabalistic rituals, a magician uses the oldest symbols and prayers. The flow of energy created by the magician affects the information field of the person and his or her aura.

If you want to get to know yourself, discover the secret knowledge and achieve the desired goal, the magic of Kabbalah is an optimal choice for you, as well as a key to getting out of the confusing and sometimes deadlock situations.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will change your destiny for the better using the ancient teaching of Kabbalah. Your true faith, my natural gift, and an ancient knowledge will help resolve any problem.

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