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The Aiguillette is a sexual tie or sexual binding, and is one of the most powerful love spells. Such love magic is applied to a man or a woman. A same-sex sexual binding is also possible.

The binding does not allow a man or a woman to think about rivals. The Aiguillette ties an object to a customer with a physical energy (inclination).


Action and features of the Aiguillette

The Aiguillette has a number of features. Only an experienced magician or a witch is able to properly conduct a ritual without negative consequences for the object and the customer.

It is forbidden to carry out the Aiguillette independently. Such a decision and negligent attitude to ancient witchcraft knowledge leads to unforeseen situations and contamination of karma.

A professional magician is able not only to clean karma, but also to put strong protection against the negative influence of astral energies. Therefore, Aiguillette is ordered only from an experienced magician or witch who is able to penetrate into the deepest levels of energy. Otherwise, you may obtain an alien settler who will penetrate into your astral aura.

Magicians call such settlers negative energy clots. Dark entities destroy plans, provoke misfortunes, failures, adversely affect health, can completely destroy life or manage their victim in their own interests. To avoid such a population, it is necessary to apply only to professionals.

The action of the love spell: causes an unexpected and sharp burst of sexual emotions, awakens desire, attraction to the object of passion at the physical level. Sexual binding does not affect the human soul.

When the Aiguillette shall be performed:

  • if the partners are in a relationship, but there is no physical intimacy between them;
  • if one of the partners does not have enough physical intimacy to continue harmonious relations;
  • if people are not in close relationships, they are only acquaintances, but one partner wants to attract another person to the intimacy.

In some cases, a sexual binding is made for a husband, if a person wants to receive only platonic love.

Prohibition: There are prohibitions on sexual binding:

  • It is forbidden to do Aiguillette on people suffering from psychological disorders or having problems with the psyche.

If the ritual is made for such a person, he or she can go mad because of the constant thirst for intimate relationships with the customer.


Help of a professional magician

Hereditary clairvoyant and magician Helena will help to understand family affairs, love relationships and problems related to intimate life.

Possessing the strongest abilities, I will conduct the correct ritual of sexual binding. You will get:

• an effective love spell on sex;

• protection from treason - a person will want only you, others will cause him or her disgust.

Traditionally, sexual binding is carried out by a photo. The customer has to provide his or her photo as well as a photo of a partner.

Remember that before you order Aiguillette, you need to think about your decision, and a correct choice of a partner. If you are sure of your choice, please contact me. I guarantee:

  • a positive result - the object will be desired only by you, the fact of treason is excluded;
  • high quality of services - conclusion of a formal agreement that has a legal force;
  • competence and professionalism - I have been working with residents of the European Union countries for more than 15 years:
  • I provide personal and remote assistance.

I help my customers to correct mistakes of charlatans and unfair and inexperienced magicians. Restoring harmony, I find a way out of any confusing situation.

Call the contact phone numbers listed on the site, or fill out the feedback form, and you will be provided with a qualified assistance.

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