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A bilateral repel is one of the most powerful rituals associated with the destruction of love affair. Such a ritual can only be carried out by an experienced magician who knows how to control astral bodies, and without negative consequences interfere in the code of fate of another person. It should be remembered that any interference with someone else's energy can lead to a strong blow from the side if magic power was used incorrectly.

This kind of repel shall be made in the following case: if they inflict pain and suffering upon themselves and others. Unhappy union will always be accompanied by grief, and to get rid of it, it’s necessary to break off relations.

Lovers, despite all adversity, incompatibility with each other can’t break the bonds of love. Partners on the contrary will struggle from the last forces to save the fire of love. People begin to sacrifice everything to save their painful relationships: relatives, children, study, career.

When independent attempts to normalize the situation lead to a zero result, one of the partners or both have harmful addictions. The result is alcoholism, or even a suicide.

Therefore, if people go through destruction, they will be saved only by a bilateral repel.


Action and features of the ritual

This ritual is not black. A repel does not deform the karma and energy of a person. But a positive result can only be achieved with the help of a specialist.

A professional magician conducts energy diagnostics. The task of a professional is to identify the causes of the problem, and the complexity of the situation. After the diagnosis, the master selects a repel program that will destroy the pathological relationship between partners.

The indication for a bilateral repel is the incompatibility of lovers. If the described situation does not exist, then the opinion of relatives can’t be the motive for carrying out the repel ritual. In this case, the opinion and attitude of relatives are taken into account if there is a fact of incompatibility of energies.

Native people (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother) are given the ability to feel on a subconscious level the signs of fate that can warn their children from destructive relationships.

The adepts of magic assert that each person is endowed with energy-information base, which should ensure his happiness and well-being. The unity of the soul and the mind is the right way to a happy destiny.


Help in achieving happiness

A bilateral repel will break the painful relationship. A person who has got rid of painful love, will be able to meet his true destiny and become happy.

The task of the magician is to find out the cause of the misfortune, to point out the source of the ills. In some cases, relatives intervene in the situation, an internecine war is fomented, during which an evil eye or double-repelling made by an unexperienced magician may occur. If the situation is going to the limit, then magical help is needed not only by young people, but also by those who are around them.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will determine and clarify you an objective picture of what is happening. Together with a specialist you will decide what is necessary to undertake, which way to choose and how to remove the obstacle.

Why do people come to me?

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  • I eliminate mistakes of unskilled magicians and charlatans.

It’s possible to get my assistance both in-person and remotely. To communicate with me, call the phone stated on the site, or fill out the feedback form. I will help you clarify the situation of any complexity.

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