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All blood rituals are black magic. This means that it is not recommended to conduct them independently. The lapel on the blood is resorted to in the event that you need to remove the spell. Such a rite is carried out for the benefit of a person, therefore it has minimal consequences.

If you suspect that another person has been bewitched, then consult a magician. He will tell you in detail how to get rid of the spell without harming anyone. A good option is a lapel on the blood. However, even in this case, it is necessary to do everything correctly.

The lapel is a magical effect aimed at depriving one person of feelings for another. These feelings could have originated naturally or been imposed by a love spell. Since ancient times, the lapel has been used as an antidote to a love spell, that is, this type of magical effects originated and developed due to the need to remove the influence of a love spell.

How is a lapel performed on blood?

For the ceremony, it is necessary to prepare a new sewing needle. It should be purchased according to the rules. In the store, give the seller a bill with a large denomination. You should not take the change.

The ceremony is performed late at night on the waning moon. The room should be quiet. The ritual takes place without witnesses. If the client came to the magician, then he is allowed to be present during the process. Put the last photo taken of the person who was enchanted on the table. A sorcerer sets up a church candle nearby. He puts down a needle from the store and a small mirror.

The client needs to focus on the enchanted person. At this time, the magician lights a candle, takes a needle and pierces the client's finger. He directs the blood that has come out to the photo of the person and repeats the lapel plot three times. Next, the picture is covered with a mirror. We wait until the candle burns out completely.

At the end of the ritual, a candle stub and a needle are buried near the house of the person in the photo. Ideally, make a cache under the threshold. The mirror and the picture are wrapped in a flap of silk. The bundle is hidden in a place inaccessible to outsiders.

Rules for lapels

There are no complicated requirements. It is forbidden to remove a love spell during Lent and important Orthodox holidays. The phase of the moon should be decreasing. On men's day, a lapel is made for a man. In female – for a woman. And remember that no one should know about this.

When to ask for help from a magician?

Many people do not immediately come to the sorcerers. Often they do not understand what happened to a person, why he changed. And when they find out about the love spell, they simply get lost. In such situations, it is important not to waste time. If you find out or guess about the love spell, then immediately contact the magician. He will find out if a person really needs a lapel.

Inadequate behavior indicates the presence of a love spell. The person begins to behave strangely. Habits and taste preferences change. Aggression occurs and anxiety increases. If you suspect that you have been bewitched, then think about who it could be.

The most powerful are the rituals in which female blood was used. Such a spell affects all spheres of human activity. He will not be able to get rid of problems easily.

The correct solution in such cases is to contact me for help. I provide lapel services on blood. I provide reliable protection not only for you, but also for the one who was bewitched. This is necessary because a person who has resorted to black magic does not stop. Most likely, he will update the spell.

During the ceremony, I check for other rituals in relation to the enchanted person. This happens, for example, when a sorcerer enchanted a husband to his mistress and got rid of feelings for his wife. At the same time, a lapel and a love spell were carried out. Such work leads to terrible consequences, which only an experienced master can understand.

Dear customers, I work personally and remotely. I am guaranteed to help you!

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