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The universe is based on energy. Proper disposal of it will help achieve the desired goals. Runic magic operates on the principle of energy movement. Runes and stakes are often resorted to in order to improve love spells and lapel rites. I have already told you about the first ones. Now it's time to talk about lapels. Runes are a kind of tool with which the ancients learned the answers to their questions. They were created by someone and absorbed the magical properties of the personality of this powerful person.

Runes in magic

The main subject of rune magic is sacred symbols (runes). Sorcerers develop special formulas. After that, place the characters in the desired sequence. The energy passes through them, acquiring the desired shape that the magician needs to achieve the desired result. Sorcerers often use the runes of the elder Futhark in their rituals. They are a runic alphabet, which includes 24 characters.

Lapel using runes

The powerful lapels use the runes of Isa – signs with a vertical line. It is a symbol of cooling and fading of feelings. It is allowed to apply it once. And then you need to do everything carefully. If you make a mistake, you will harm your beloved. Abuse of Isa runes leads to deterioration of brain activity, deprivation of strength and energy. Often men develop impotence against this background, and women have problems with the genitourinary system.

Another popular symbol is the Hagall runes. They lead to the complete cessation of romantic/sexual love relationships. The sign destroys the love that is not destined by fate. Hagall eliminates the effects of magical powers. Due to this, the runes get rid of the love spell. Ostuda is a formula that includes two runes.

Features of the lapel

To launch a runic lapel, a reservation is necessary. This is a special spell that directs the rune formula in the right direction. Runes literally perceive the actions of a sorcerer. They enter into the search for the easiest ways to achieve the goal. For example, if the client indicates in the reservation that he does not want to see a person, then there is a high chance that he will simply lose his sight.

To speed up the chain, they turn to the ancient gods of Scandinavia. Issues are resolved on an individual basis. Remember one thing: if a certain god helps in the lapel, then he must definitely bring something as a gift. As for the phase of the moon, it does not matter. If you wish, then use the standard condition of love magic: a spell on the growing Moon, a lapel – on the waning.

Rules for using runic staves

The cooling of the senses with runes is carried out under strict supervision, like any other magical practice. The client needs to undergo training and tune in to the result. Those sorcerers who have experience and know about the interpretation of symbols can work with lapels.

The preparation and work of the MAGICIAN includes the following items:

  • For the ceremony, symbols are drawn on energetically powerful objects. Artifacts, amulets and other similar items will do. They must be selected by a Magician.
  • Runes are applied using paint with the addition of fresh blood. This is done if you have a long-term relationship with your chosen one. In other cases, a pen, marker or pencil will do. The image should not be damaged before the spell ceases to work.
  • After the ritual is completed, the symbols are erased from the surface. Cutting, burning or dissolving in liquid is allowed. The remnants are liquidated in nature.
  • Any appeal to the stakes ends with gratitude to the gods. They are spoken out loud or to themselves. You definitely need to bring something as a gift. For example, coins, flowers, incense. There is no need to wait for a response. It will become clear by the result.

My name is Elena. I am a hereditary healer and a magician of the highest level. They provide services for the runic lapel. I follow all the rules and requirements. This helps to achieve the desired result. Hundreds of customers have already gotten rid of the unwanted feeling. Try it and you!

Dear customers, I work personally and remotely. I am guaranteed to help you!

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