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An entropy effect appears faster in complex astral systems: a system, which is overloaded and polluted with a negative requires an immediate "cleanup". To avoid such an outcome, you should periodically perform such a cleanup, as well as rituals aimed at harmonizing family relations.

Astral bodies and communications require constant work on the energy background. If you need to normalize relations only with a specific person, remember that the energy channels are linked. Your relationship with one person affects relationships with all the people around you.

Even a short meeting with a passer-by affects your energy field. If such a passer-by has an "evil eye", then you will feel the influence immediately.


Causes of relationship disorder

An essential cause of a disorder is the natural clogging of astral bonds, and a violation of harmony between them. In this case, a special ceremony should be conducted, aimed at cleaning the energy information field.

Before the beginning of the ritual, the magician studies the astral map, and the human karma. Only after such a diagnosis a cleaning program, consisting of a sequence of certain magical rituals, is composed.

External reasons of family relations disorder include:

  • Evil eye. The task of the magician is to neutralize the negative program, to remove the spoilage. The magician also finds out who caused the damage and what method was used.
  • A love spell directed to a partner. Over the partner's own feelings (love for you), the ill-wisher may impose an another love feeling, binding your partner to him. A person is drawn to you, but also he or she feels an another attraction. There is an imbalance. In this case, a repel and a relations harmonization ritual directed at both partners should be carried out.
  • A love spell directed to you. A person does not realize that he or she was bewitched. A cold feeling for your partner or a family appears inside. You feel an emptiness. To eliminate the negative program a relations harmonization ritual, and an astral body cleansing are required.

Such repels are dangerous as they are able to destroy the most thin energy shells, lead to depressive states, provoke the appearance of chronic diseases, and cause severe mental trauma.

Together with a negative program, quarrels (auxiliary magical rituals) and karmic problems may appear.


Professional help

Family relations harmonization requires high professionalism of the magician. The specialist must carefully develop a program of actions, and send a lot of magical forces to clean partners' karmas and their energy and information fields.

If the cause of discord in the family is a spoilage or a repel, then the magician has to conduct additional rituals to eliminate negative energy. These rituals can’t be done on one’s own.

The magician also establishes special protection for the relationship between the spouses: prevents the appearance of rivals and ill-wishers in the fate.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to conduct a family relations harmonization ritual for you. Assistance may be provided both in-person ore remotely.

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