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Harmony is the coherence and adequacy of each element composing the whole, which becomes something more. Both sides are responsible for the harmony in human relationships.

Magic protection and harmonization of relationships is not limited to a love spell or a repel of a lover. Love magic is specific and affects only one sphere: it may bind a person, or turn away from the opponent. There are many spells. Not all of the practices are built on obedience to the will, some magical rituals are safe and do not alter the consciousness of a subject.

If the spell is made correctly, it can become a start for the development of relations. But it’s impossible to build your whole life on the basis of the love magic. Such actions impose a certain karma on a person.

The bridge across the abyss must be built from two sides.


Features and action of the magic of harmony

Harmonization is an integrated approach to solving the problem. The purpose of this method of building relationships is to return the spark of love.

To build a harmonization program, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: how long the couple is together, whether they have connections on the side, why other issues can’t get along together.

That does the harmonization of relations include?

  • discovering all possible connections of the energy astral field of the customer, his or her environment and partner;
  • karmic and astral cleansing of partners.

With whom can you harmonize the relationship?

  • between husband and wife;
  • between lovers, including same-sex couples;
  • between parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends and even colleagues.

Harmonization of relations is also necessary to strengthen the astral shell, and protection from "energy vampires".

The task of any harmonization of relations is the establishment of a positive connection between the two parties connected to a single node, a common astral body. There are quarrels, misunderstanding, and discord between the parties, if such astral body "breaks". Special magical actions and rituals allow to correct even the most difficult situation.

Major ways to protect and harmonize relationships:

• runic magic;

• shamanism;

• penetration directly into the astral body or work with contours of subtle energies.

The harmonization program is developed individually for each client. A professional magician doesn’t use mediocre sympathetic methods.


How does a professional magician work?

Before the work starts, a diagnosis of the astral bodies of the customer, his or her partners and the environment is performed. The specialist is studying the astral map, only after that a program of rituals for harmonization and protection is determined.

The magician performs all the rituals himself. The only thing that a customer needs is a positive thinking and faith.

The result of rituals appears within five days after the comprehensive program is accomplished. In some cases, it takes a little more time (7 to 14 days) to obtain a final result.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you to reach harmony with the surrounding world and your close people. The ritual will give you:

  • inner peace and self-confidence;
  • improvement of relations with a partner, parents, colleagues at various levels: family and children, love, finances, career, friendship and mutual assistance;
  • protection against the negative impact of dark astral bodies, essences-settlers;
  • protection against negative programs (damage, evil eye, curse).

Why do people address me?

• I provide assistance both in-person and remotely;

• I conclude a contract with each customer. I guarantee efficiency and high quality of services;

• I give a professional magical advice;

• I help to find the root of the problem and its solution.

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