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Curse is a destructive magical action that represents a powerful stream of negative energy directed at an abuser. Regardless of the type of negative program, the mechanism of curse is always the same:

• an experienced magician adds negative (an "energy garbage") into the astral body or the abuser's aura;

• power channels will be blocked;

• as a result the destiny of an abuser will be changed, his or her health will become worth, he or she will face with loneliness and/or financial losses.

In contrast to an evil eye, such curse is very dangerous.


Negative programs action and features

There are hundreds of ways to put a curse on an abuser. Magicians may use a black magic, Voodoo magic, as well as eastern and northern practices.

Various artifacts and ingredients are used for a ritual. Depending on the magical ritual, magicians may use a photo of an abuser, a Voodoo doll, or objects belonging to this person to target an imposed damage. But regardless the manner of a magician, to put any curse it’s necessary:

  • personal belongings of a person, carrying his or her energy;
  • auxiliary items (candles, ropes, cemetery soil, things that used to belong to the deceased or were used in burial);
  • a certain time and place (cemetery, field, forest, night, moon phase, hour);
  • the name of an abuser (a real name of the person is a powerful magical instrument).

It should be noted that an attempt to put a curse on one’s own will bring negative consequences for the amateur himself. Only an experienced magician who can properly install a protection can work with negative energy programs.

Curse types:

  • on business - will bring failure in business, a collapse of an enterprise, a bankruptcy;
  • on health - will bring illnesses, severe chronic diseases;
  • on livestock - will cause the deaths of livestock.

The strongest and the most difficult is a death curse, which can cause the death of an abuser. To perform such a ritual, you will need rare artifacts, which only a powerful magician can possess.

Death curse effect:

  • an abuser will become seriously ill within several months;
  • a suicide;
  • an accident.

A relationships corruption is often used in a practice of a "punishment". A negative program is applied against the separatists, careerists, envious relatives, or evil mother-in-laws.


Help of an experienced magician

An experienced magician guarantees an effectiveness of a ritual. Before conducting any energy intervention, a magician diagnoses the astral body of a customer, studies karmic connections, and energy channels. In some cases, customer's aura should be cleaned, and his or her mental state should be harmonized.

To put any negativity on an abuser, you may address the hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena. Tell about your situation, and she will find the right way out. Remember that a specialist has the right to refuse to conduct rituals without explaining the reason.

Why do people trust me?

  • I provide a complete assistance and resolve any issues.
  • I keep all the information confidential.
  • I assist both in-private and remotely. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries. The distance does not matter for me.
  • I make professional consultation and diagnostics.

Advantages of cooperation with me:

  • I have been working in the EU for more than 15 years, I have hundreds of grateful customers from different countries.
  • I am correcting mistakes of amateurs, punishing charlatans for deception and incompetence in work.
  • I am constantly practicing magician.

You may ask for more details calling the phone indicated on the site, or filling out a feedback form.


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